How's this for a working pedal board

I was at a “Thai Disco” bar tonight with a group of Thai friends (don’t ask, a weird experience for me).

I tend to check out pedal boards at this sort of venue. The picture below was the board of the band’s guitar player. I kind of love it.

It’s a Boss GT-1 (which I own and am quite familiar with) with what looks to be a MIDI USB controller connected to it to program it for various keys.

There’s also an additional foot switch and a cab simulator of some sort.

And a Line 6 Wireless receiver.

The funny thing for me is how it was wrapped in cling film, presumably to protect it from beer spillage (of which there was quite a bit).




:rofl: mains power supply, no that’ll be OK…


Very nice!

Great line for a crazy song, and the clingwrap covered pedals tells the rest of the story. :slight_smile:


Guys obviously had a “bad” experience hence the covering in plastic. Interesting using the midi controller (assuming thats the top one)…he appears to have each button labelled with a key. Definitely an interesting power arrangement!

Yes. I’m guessing he made extensive use of the GT-1’s Harmonist which is the only FX on that unit which needs to know the key.

I’m not sure why because the band also had a bassist and a keyboard player with two synths (and anywhere from 1 to 5 singers depending on the song plus some dancers).

Maybe it was for other gigs where the band was smaller.

I tried talking to him during a break (and the line-ups and garland awarding) but his English was not good and my Thai is non-existant, so in a noisy environment, there was no hope.



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for that ever fresh sound …