Https:// redirecting

HI, I was reading through

At the end of the page I clicked through to see the jam track

Unfortunately the url is redirecting to

In fact redirects to where there are lots of pretty young women in dresses, but no jam tracks :smiley:

Just thought someone at the site should know, in case you didn’t already.

Kind regards, Niall…

Thanks Niall for pointing this out. You didn’t end up buying a nice dress instead of a backing track? :wink:

Not sure if you are aware but the jam tracks are available on iTunes? I came across them the other week. You can buy the full album or individual tracks.

@Richard_close2u @DavidP there appears to be a link issue.

Thanks… i will check tomorrow


Hi Fanny - this was another link issue that was flagged up. It is the link at the very end:

Here’s a sample backing track from my Jam Blues 4 collection.

It takes you to buy dresses rather than to the sample backing track.