Humbucker covers

I am a beginner so please excuse me my ignorance.

This is my first electric guitar, an Ibanez AM53.
I love it so far.

Is it possible, and is there any benefit to adding a cover to these pickups?


Hi David, warm welcome!

Sure you can install pickup covers but there will be some soldering involved so honestly I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really hate the uncovered look. The point of covers is to protect the coils and prevent stuff getting into the pickup, and of course looks.

If I were you I’d just leave it as is, it’s a beautiful guitar. Congrats!

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Hi David,

Welcome to the community.

I have the same wish for my guitar and as far as I have seen it is an easy job and I will apply them soon.
It indeed requires a bit of soldering, but only to keep the covers in place. I am quite used to soldering, so no big issue for me there. Could differ from person to person of course.

Youtube is full of howto’s on what way to do this.

BR Milifax

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