Hurt By Johnny Cash Cover/The Drugs don't Work by the Verve Cover

Hurt By Johnny Cash Cover


Hi Roland, you can never have enough Cash-cover-covers of this iconic song :laughing:
I have commented on most of your songs on the old forum and listened to many in our ‘new home’
There’s an interesting discussion on the way we provide feedback in AVOYP. You might want to take a quick look at it here.
I mentioned before that I enjoy the unique sound of your performances and you often cover songs I like. You are a more accomplished guitarist than me and I am often impressed by the tone of your acoustic guitar.
I have commented before that your singing often deviates from the expected/traditional pitch. What I don’t know is how aware you are of this and if you would like members to make suggestions. Perhaps a couple of words about the kind of feedback you want might help everyone.
Another thing is to remember that the more you comment on others’ recordings, the more feedback you will get yourself.
Back to the task at hand: In this performance your vocals lent this song an extra layer of ‘broodiness’ and I enjoyed it :smiley:
Keep it up and look forward to the next one.

Hi Roland. I started to learn Hurt the closest Sunday :slight_smile: . I visited to download my cover of Leaving on a Jet Plane today and noticed your topic.

Keep going! It is so cool.

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Thank you. I bought the leedsheet on sheetmusicdirect. There is Fadd9 and a dsus2 in the song instead of a F and D.

And yes I need to write a few feedbacks.

The Drugs don’t work cover by The Verve

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Both very enjoyable Roland. Great playing on both songs and it’s nice to hear how much your vocals have come on since you started posting on here.

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