Leaving on a Jet Plane Cover Video

Hi fellows! Here is my cover video:

I used tricks from this video to align my singing. If you have any other tricks to sing better, can you post them in the replay, please.


Hi @Musicrucial
Well I don’t know what your singing was like before but it is pretty good on this video. Very clear, on point with your guitar playing and melodic. Only minor observation I would make is that the melody you are singing is not quite the melody I would think of when Leaving On A Jet Plane is mentioned, I have another melody in my head for the singing line. But that’s not detracting from your performance in any way. I think you can get even better with just more singing. I don’t think you necessarily need to Patrice anything specific, just keep singing and you will get better. Just don’t strain your voice!
I like the guitar finger style moving to strumming, one thing you could try is doing fingerstyle up to and including the first chorus, and then moving to strumming. But what you are doing moving from fingerstyle to strumming and back works well too. Changing from one to the other is an obvious area to focus on to keep that smooth. You can actually just pause a little there to give yourself time rather than sticking to the metronome timing, it does smooth things out a bit.
Finally I would say you are a long way down the right road here, just keep going.
All the best Mike

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Hi Kyrylo,
Weird …this should be your first post but the system doesn’t indicate it,maybe I am missing something :smile:… anyway…

Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:, maybe it’s useful to introduce yourself and a bit more and tell about yourself in an introductory post because commenting is much easier then …because how long have you been playing, what is your relationship with Justin’s course and things like that? If you’ve just started singing and playing then you’re doing fantastic, but if you’ve been doing it for many years it needs some work and more direction from the people who know more about it. I hope I help you with this and look forward to more videos in the future…

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Nice fingerstyle Kyrylo. I’m working on a version of this atm but only strumming I’m not up to your fancy fingerstyle yet :smiley:

Nice work.

Well done, Kyrylo.

Chord work looked pretty good, and a loose, relaxed strumming action. I liked the switch back and forth between picking and strumming, with smooth transitions.

I suggest you have a look at your hand position when picking. You appear to have a bend in the wrist which may cause physical issues in time and your thumb appears to be tucked in behind the other fingers. The recommended hand position has the thumb out in front of the fingers, so the thumb and fingers don’t restrict movement of the other. Here some pictures to illustrate

On singing, if you are serious about singing then just like guitar it is something you can learn and work on. Quite a few members, myself included have worked on Chris Liepe’s singing courses. He offers a free three lesson intro course and then the full Discover Your Voice course, which costs a little. Both online via video lessons.

Lastly, I see you have posted twice in AVOYP. I suggest you also post an intro in Introduce yourself ... that covers a little personal background, guitar history, and goals/aspirations as a student of Justin and member of the Community

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@mikemycroft Hi. Thanks for your detailed reply! Yeah, you are right about the melody. Reading your comment, I noticed that I had been singing on my own the last month before this recording, I suppose I’ve lost the context, so if I sang along with the original recording, things might be better. It was tricky for me to get into tune with John Denver, so I just decided to sing alone Ha :grin:.

I think I caught your suggestions. Have more fun being playing and don’t strain. :guitar:

Sorry for my late response; I have just received a free minute

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That was really well done Kyrylo, some good fingerpicking and vocals sounded good too.

Great advice there from David.

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Hi David. Many thanks for your attention!

You are right! I caught your point about my thumb. I also tried to find a video with a professional guitarist playing, and yes, I noticed for example in this performance his thumb is ahead the rest fingers. To my mind, this is a good example as well.

I also tried to introduce myself through Chris Liepe’s courses. I found a bunch of his lessons even on JustinGuitar’s website. He teaches really well!

Well, regarding the introduction, I have a little to say about myself; it just needs to be nicely formatted.

Thanks again for your suggestions; I will try to incorporate them in my next covers.

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Hi! Anyway, let’s keep working. Have you been practicing your guitar while I haven’t responded for 20 days?

Yeah, it is all in practice, I worked out on this Melody for 3 months with breaks. Looking back, it is too much. My conclusion is not to strain myself too much. Straining too much leads to a crush :anger:

Hi Rogier!
This guitar community is great!
So, if the community asks introduction, I will compose it. Well, it needs some time, but I can start from a little ( :slight_smile: just thoughts out loud)

Previously I played on Bandura. It is a Ukrainian national instrument. Don’t have the videos with me and Bandura at hand now.
But here is a great artist, to know what Bandura is.

I am not so cool with this instrument and have not played on it for about 4 years. To give you a view, I played on bandura about 20% better than playing on guitar now. It was 4 years ago.

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Hi Kyrylo,
That is a beautiful instrument, just grab it quickly and continue learning together :smiley: :sunglasses:, have fun

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