Hurt by Johnny Cash Lesson

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This is a fantastic song and a really great lesson. Thanks Justin.

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Is there any way I can add this into my practice routine?

Fantastic song by Johnny Cash. Justin makes it work a real song with feeling this is music.

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Really good video, I think even I can follow this one… Lets go and find out…

FFS!!! As I said that (hold my pint), I immediately dropped the pick in to the guitar… :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

It is a great song. I’ve been playing it in my warmup song this week. It gives me a chance to practice sliding the C chord up the neck 2 frets to play the D chord.

This is a great song. I liked it by Nine Inch Nails, and the Johnny Cash version made it fantastic. The tab is a bit difficult to follow since it’s overlaying 2 guitar parts and vocals all at once. Do you have a simpler version for just the main guitar without vocals?

The chorus progression that Justin shows doesn’t match any other tab I can find for this song. He has G-Am-F-C, but all other have Am-F-C-G.

Does anyone know which is correct?

It’s a bit uncommon, but there’s one bar of G that precedes the chorus. I would say the chorus starts on the Am.

This would be the form:

Intro = Am - C - D (2x)

Verse = Am - C - D (8x)
1 bar of G
Chorus = Am F C G (2x) + Am F G G (1x) + Am F G (1x)

Link = Am - C - D (2x)

Verse = Am - C - D (8x)
1 bar of G
Chorus = Am F C G (2x) + Am F G G (2x)

Outro = Am F G G (1x) + Am F G (1x)

Thanks for your help. Was driving me mad!

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