“Hurt” cover with me singing

I just started learning this song and wanted to do a video now and compare it to a video in about a month this is the first time I’ve ever tried singing :scream:
I’ve really been trying to work on my strumming because it’s just not right doesn’t feel look or sound right.
The other day I watched the module 14 The backbeat hit.

While I was practicing along with this lesson I had to completely modify my strumming the way I was strumming before I could not get the muted Hit. It only took me about a minute to figure out how to do this with my strumming. And I think I had a lightbulb moment something just clicked and I felt like my strumming was so much better I don’t know if it is or not’. But it does feel better and like when Justin says in the strumming lesson when you finally get it you’re like, oh I can’t believe I couldn’t do that. And I feel I am almost there.
So if I get this right the first video will be me playing “Hurt” and singing. In the second video I just made a quick video of my new strumming
I am looking for any tips, comments, hints anything to improve my guitar playing please feel free to reply.


Well played Jason. Definitely improving :+1:

The strumming sounds more natural when you are strumming as your hand is just ‘passing through’ with the rhythm see 1:28 of second video. When you are ‘hitting at’ the strings, the timing drifts off and feels a bit disjointed, see 1:55 of first video.

Well done keep at it!

Well played Jason. As Dave says you’re definitely improving. And well done on taking the plunge and singing. It’s not easy playing and singing at the same time and you done very well. You have a nice tone to your voice. With regards to strumming I would highly recommend working through Justin’s Strumming Techniques course. It’s a really good course and costs less than a couple of coffees. I found it to really help me out with my strumming.

Nice job Jason. You certainly have the vocals to sing that song and with a little more practice your strumming will even out . Pretty impressive progress!!! Keep going :guitar::sunglasses:

Not bad man! Keep it up and you will only get better!

Thanks for all the feedback. I am working through Justin strumming course.
I noticed the loud squeaking as I’m sliding my fretting hand because I’m lightly touching one of the thicker strings. this does not happen on strings 1,2 and 3. So I’ve been working on either completely removing my hands between chord changes or trying to keep an (anchor) finger on one of the thinner strings. I’m not pressing down hard on the strings I’m barely touching them I didn’t even notice the squeaking until I listened to the video. And I cringe every time I hear it.
I tried searching community for any recommendations I did find one about maybe switching my strings I am going to try to do that. If anyone has any recommendations for what type of strings I should get. I will go back and check the ones mentioned in the other topic post.

Thanks for all the positive feedback it really keeps me motivated. Cheers

I like that sound. Then again my roots are in classical where you often tend to hear that.

You have a voice a lot people would love to have. Great deal of potential there.
Strumming seemed effortless in 2nd video.

Things are coming along nicely Jason. The strumming is improving.

I really enjoyed your cover of Hurt, that was some great stuff and your vocals are great for such a song.