“Hurt” cover with me singing

I just started learning this song and wanted to do a video now and compare it to a video in about a month this is the first time I’ve ever tried singing :scream:
I’ve really been trying to work on my strumming because it’s just not right doesn’t feel look or sound right.
The other day I watched the module 14 The backbeat hit.

While I was practicing along with this lesson I had to completely modify my strumming the way I was strumming before I could not get the muted Hit. It only took me about a minute to figure out how to do this with my strumming. And I think I had a lightbulb moment something just clicked and I felt like my strumming was so much better I don’t know if it is or not’. But it does feel better and like when Justin says in the strumming lesson when you finally get it you’re like, oh I can’t believe I couldn’t do that. And I feel I am almost there.
So if I get this right the first video will be me playing “Hurt” and singing. In the second video I just made a quick video of my new strumming
I am looking for any tips, comments, hints anything to improve my guitar playing please feel free to reply.


Well played Jason. Definitely improving :+1:

The strumming sounds more natural when you are strumming as your hand is just ‘passing through’ with the rhythm see 1:28 of second video. When you are ‘hitting at’ the strings, the timing drifts off and feels a bit disjointed, see 1:55 of first video.

Well done keep at it!

Well played Jason. As Dave says you’re definitely improving. And well done on taking the plunge and singing. It’s not easy playing and singing at the same time and you done very well. You have a nice tone to your voice. With regards to strumming I would highly recommend working through Justin’s Strumming Techniques course. It’s a really good course and costs less than a couple of coffees. I found it to really help me out with my strumming.

Nice job Jason. You certainly have the vocals to sing that song and with a little more practice your strumming will even out . Pretty impressive progress!!! Keep going :guitar::sunglasses:

Not bad man! Keep it up and you will only get better!

Thanks for all the feedback. I am working through Justin strumming course.
I noticed the loud squeaking as I’m sliding my fretting hand because I’m lightly touching one of the thicker strings. this does not happen on strings 1,2 and 3. So I’ve been working on either completely removing my hands between chord changes or trying to keep an (anchor) finger on one of the thinner strings. I’m not pressing down hard on the strings I’m barely touching them I didn’t even notice the squeaking until I listened to the video. And I cringe every time I hear it.
I tried searching community for any recommendations I did find one about maybe switching my strings I am going to try to do that. If anyone has any recommendations for what type of strings I should get. I will go back and check the ones mentioned in the other topic post.

Thanks for all the positive feedback it really keeps me motivated. Cheers

I like that sound. Then again my roots are in classical where you often tend to hear that.

You have a voice a lot people would love to have. Great deal of potential there.
Strumming seemed effortless in 2nd video.

Things are coming along nicely Jason. The strumming is improving.

I really enjoyed your cover of Hurt, that was some great stuff and your vocals are great for such a song.

It has been 1 month since 1st recording. The first recording I did with just camera in iPhone. The audio quality is bad on top of my bad playing.

For second recording I did audio on GarageBand and imported to SoundCloud. The quality is so much better. But it is lacking video which I like for feedback


I’m gonna try working on merging GarageBand audio track with video for my next avoyp.


Hi Jason,
Good to see that the rhythm guitar has progressed so much :sunglasses:…keep going with Justin’s rhythm guitar lessons,…and the link below the video doesn’t work for me,

Looking and sounding good Jason, clearly you’ve been working hard :+1:

I got an email from SoundCloud about copyright stuff And my track was removed from my profile temporarily.
What I did was rename it As “Hurt” Trent Reznor and Johnny Cash. That seem to fix it. Not sure if it was the quotation marks or the names I added.
I’m open to any tips on title naming So I don’t get a copyright infringement email again.

As always thanks for your feedback.

Coming along nicely , Jason. Steady strumming, your arm kept moving and clean changes.

Sorry, I can’t help on the SoundCloud issue, as I’ve never used it.

My cover of “hurt”. Yes, my vocals again sorry :roll_eyes: 5 weeks after 1st recording. And my last (for this song). This is only an audio from GarageBand however I did manage to add a picture title page. Still working on getting GarageBand audio merged with playing video.

Any feedback always welcome.

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See/hearing improvement. So keep it up and you will one day “own” guitar.

There are others on here a lot more knowledgeable on strings than I. But my thinking is that if you want to try something different, go with a coated string set. They should be a tad slicker. The coating will fill in some of the string winding ruts or valleys. Making them perhaps “quieter” and not as squeaky. Maybe my comments on this will elicit input from others…

Yet, I think you are on the right track in slightly lifting your fretting hand when you move over the strings. Adding the quieter strings should help too and the combo might get you where you want to be.

Isn’t recording great? As a learning tool, there is nothing like a playback and hearing yourself in so doing. You can learn alot from this for sure.

If I were you I would get away from SoundCloud. I got sick for a while, came back and SC was nice enough to delete all my songs!!! Go to YouTube with your videos! They will tell you of a CR violation. But 99 times out 100 they will let you post it anyway and that is that. Any cover I have done and posted had CR issues. But the vids are still up there!

All the best,

Hi Jason,

Definitely improving. Listening through I have a couple of suggestions for you, I think you’re the kind of guy that wants tips?

Your chord changes and the pick raking arpeggios are pretty decent. Timing and strumming are where your gains will be.

Try playing with a metronome or drum track (fender tune app is great for this) and tapping your feet with the beat. Your timing moves around a bit and there are a few times your timing gets off beat. It would be quite hard to tell that if it’s just you and an acoustic - hence the metronome.

The strumming tip is that this songs chorus rhythm is pumping 8s. It’s piano in the JC recording, so there’s a fair bit of interpretation in how you can do that on guitar but try emphasising the quarters (or bass emphasising) and doing a lighter full strum on the ands. You’re doing 4 downstrums per bar now, pumping 8s would be 8 downstrums.

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You are doing well, Jason, continuing to improve.

I agree with JK’s suggestion re pumping 8s for the chorus. I find that pumping 8s can be quite tricky, so worthwhile giving it a go.

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Thanks. Still working in timing. I was trying to use metronome with an earbud. But but whenever I got a tiny bit off beat it messed me all up. And when I was on beat and couldn’t hear it with the disappearing metronome that would throw me off. I kept on always ending up one beat ahead or behind. I’m still working with the TimeTrainer app to get my timing better.
Still trying to improve recording audio quality. I’m Recording audio in SoundCloud exporting it to IMovie then to YouTube.
I’ve been looking into this and I will either get an external microphone or an IRIG. I’m open to any input on which might be better for recording myself.
Thanks for input and taking time listening to my recording. Cheers

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