Hurt - inspired by the content of Beginner Club #8

April 11, 2024 19:15 with instructor Lee Mead-Batten. Tomorrow and I can’t wait. There are nuances we don’t know but will learn.

THANK YOU JUSTIN SANDECORE !! for pushing out education and encouraging us all to learn and experience.

To get prepped, I watched an old Justin vid on Hurt - how to play- and came up with this:


Nice, I liked your rendition. I am looking forward to tomorrow as well.

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Enjoyed your rendition, Robert

You’ll see I edited the form of the URL so it embeds in the post.

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Very enjoyable version,
like how you’ve got the guitar and vocal sounding independent

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Hi Robert, that’s a really nice rendition :smiley::+1::clap:. I like the way, you’ve made this song your own. Great fingerpicking skills :star_struck:. Superb!

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Great job sounded really good

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Thank you DavidP !
You do incredible things and I am thankful.
Some day…if I just knew about your skills.
Thanks for watching over and enhancing my efforts. _R