Hurt - Johnny Cash

Hi all. I’ve done this song before, but not with my new Johnny Cash signature guitar! Lol.

Justin introduced me to this technique of using the thumb for the bass bites and strumming with fingers, and I’m really enjoying it for songs like this.


You surely do have some magic there Tosh. Your voice is so :yum:

Nice work Tosh. Well played and a voice built for this style perfectly. Really enjoyed listening to that

It sounds great on your new JC signature guitar Tosh and it is so suited to your voice. Wonderful cover.

Hi Tosh,
Well done, :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:…and nice to hear with such a low voice. In your “free” weekends you can also communicate with elephants if you are bored I think :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Thanks for sharing,

Love it, Tosh, got the vibe, playing and singing, and well balanced recording that sounded good.

One thing to be mindful of mouth position relative to the mic, every now and then natural head movement changed that and led to either a dip or bump in vocal loudness. Perhaps try backing off a little bit from the mic and boosting it’s gain?

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Nice to hear you play this again, its just so right for your vocals. The pick/strum technique works really well on this song (will have to follow that up!) No real critique bar maybe raising the guitar level up just a touch but that could just me my speakers or ears !


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Nice Tosh, I tried this one and couldn’t get the voice quite right, you nailed it.

Oh and that guitar looks so good!

That sounded great, and yes your definitely fits this song. And congratulations on the new guitar!

Johnny Cash is definitely your thing Tosh, you did great! And guitar was really a JC special :slight_smile:

Nice rendition :smiley:
I thought you were probably in prison.
You need to wear more black.
My dumpster friend still carries your scars…

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That was terrific Tosh. I really liked the thumb and strum, you nailed it.
As for the vocal… you’re the man in black! Sung with feeling and emotion. I think that’s probably your best ever JC cover.

Nice! :slight_smile: I am working on this song too, you’re a bit further along than I am. Still having a hard time playing and singing together on this one, and my switches to F are too slow. I agree with everyone else, your voice is a wonderfully natural fit for Johnny.

I heard a few string buzzes and squeaks that were probably not intended, particularly early on in the piece, but that’s all part of the journey isn’t it.

Have you tried playing the D chord in the verses using the alternative from Justin’s video tutorial, where you just slide the entire C grip up 2 frets and leave string 1 open? I find that very convenient and I like how it sounds, but I noticed you were using the standard D grip.

Sorry if you replied and I didn’t thank you by name. The system would only let me mention 10 users. Appreciate everyone!

@batwoman - thanks Maggie. I always can count on your support!

@roger_holland - talking to the Elephants sounds way more fun than working in Finance. lol

@DavidP - Thanks for the good vibes as always, David. I hadn’t thought about the moving the head thing, so that’s a good callout. Something to keep in mind for sure. That’s what’s so great about the forum.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner - yeah, thanks Toby. The pick/strum thing took me a while to get used to. Now it’s how I like to play most of the time. lol. As for the volume of the guitar, I think I agree. I had turned down the volum on the actual guitar know jus a tad as it seemed a bit overwhelming at full blast. May need to tinker a bit more.

@KevinKevan You’ll get there eventually, Kevin. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I have played this song. Probably more than any other. lol. And I do love the looks of the guitar.

@adi_mrok Thanks Adrian. Great to see you again.

@brianlarsen - I need to see you perform with the dumpster Cash guitar again. And I do indeed need more black to wear. I was wearing my Beatles shirt that my kids bought me for father’s day. Besides JC they are my other favorite

@sairfingers Thanks Gordon. I’ve been enjoying your recent recordings too. Appreciate the comment!

@direvus Thanks Brendan. Keep working at it. Such a great song. And, as Justin says, you can definitely grow with it as you get more skilled and comfortable with different techniques. I started learning with Justin in 2014 and it took me a long time to get through the F chord, so I feel good about that.
Yeah, I do prefer the standard D, but sometimes will play that alternative voicing that Justin shows in the video. I guess I’m such a Cash fan that I like to play the way he did in his video. But both sound good.


Great cover @ToshS - I’d definitely pause and listen if you were playing this one live at the pub!

Question on your setup - sounds like you’re plugging the guitar directly into your computer? Sounds really great - fingerpicks are clear and have that great Martin bell sound, while the strumming picks up some of that Piezo sound which works really well for this song. I have a similar guitar (Martin X) with probalby a similar pickup (fishman MX) - what are you actually plugging into and are you using any specific software to mix/produce?

You’ve got the vibe of the song down right there. Guitar playing sounds clean and has a nice tone and you sound quite a bit like Cash with your singing!

You’re such a natural Country Singer. Always love your covers. Lovely guitar too.

really nice, I have just added this song to my learning path. great to hear your version after my practice.

@jestersea - Hi Jesse. Maybe someday you will see me at a pub. I would love that but it’s probably not likely. lol.
Yep, exactly. The pickup of the guitar is plugged directly into my DAW in my computer. We do indeed have the same pickup (Fishman MX). I’m connecting that into my Scarlett Focusrite Solo and just recording directly into Audacity. It’s on my to do list to learn a more advanced DAW like Reaper, but I’ve been using Audacity for a couple years and know how to use it for my purposes just fine. Sometimes I will use Audacity’s effects like compression or reverb/echo. But for this particular recording I think it was totally dry. I’m also connected via my microphone into the focusite Solo. So a very simple setup. Something I want to work to improve, so thanks for the compliment!

@lewis2025 Hi Lewis. Thanks so much! Cash is my favorite so I appreciate the compliment.

@SandyMusic - Thank you so much. Interestingly, I like lots of other music too. Kind of grew up an 80’s and 90’s rocker, and have a taste for all kinds of music. But when I’m playing and singing there’s something about this kind of music that just speaks to me. I loved the “Walk The Line” movie about Johnny Cash and I’ve been a loyal fan ever since!

@philsmith Looking forward to see you play it too, Phil!


Thanks @ToshS - I have also started dabbling with some reverb/echo in Audacity captured just my USB mic for both vocal and guitar. Next step is to pick up a Scarlett and connect the guitar separately - you’ve given me the answer I need that it will at least take me to the next level :slight_smile:

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