Hybrid Picking

So I have been around here for what seems like an eternity but as far as I know Justin does not have any lessons on Hybrid picking.

Have I missed something, as nothing gets thrown up on the website search function ?

Just reviewing a couple of courses on Truefire but ideally would like to Justin’s approach on the technique. Any thoughts peeps ?


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I ain’t seen nuthin’ I ain’t heard nuthin’ I ain’t said nuthin’



You haven’t missed anything, Toby, JG was the first place I searched when starting to learn hybrid picking. Justin did say the following on the website

A further search based on Justin’s reference and I found this:

I agree it would be good to see Justin’s take on hybrid picking. If Justin says positive things about his technique then must be good.

Thought that was the case and I’d not need to change my blues moniker to the Blind Madman of Normandie :rofl:

Found this on Truefire but see some of it is up on the TF YouTube pages. Starts a very basic level and works up.

Just spent the last 45 minutes learning ( :rofl: ) the 3 Level 1 exercises. Seems a good starting point. There is another that’s not quite entry level but covers some of the stuff I’d be interested in. So that goes on the back boiler for now.

So much to learn, so little time !


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Interesting that is the same price as the Buono course but I am accessing that via my All Access pass at the moment. Will bookmark that for future reference. Thx James :+1:

Just seen that’s GBP and not $$$$ but quite a comprehensive package by the looks of it. :sunglasses:

I’ve done the first level of Buono’s course which I find the series are great for technique exercises. Looking at the promo video for Martin’s masterclass it looks a lot more indepth on the technique and incorporating in a musical context. Though it would probably take me years to progress from the beginners class to intermediate and a couple of decades to complete the advanced class.

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This was the other one, also up on YouTube (bits of it) and also a little more musical. Plan is to get the basics down to start with. :smile:

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Sounds like a good plan. A good song to start off with is Wonderful Tonight using the chord shapes and picking pattern played by Eric.

Yes, TrueFire would be the place for hybrid picking lessons. No one person can be all things to all people. If you find an easy entry lesson, please pass it on.

EDIT: I see the Guitar Gym link.


That’s certainly a basement level entry but builds. Did the first exercises today abd believe it will be a good course for some hybrid foundations. :sunglasses:

Had to Google what this is having never heard of it before.

Anybody who’s interested in hybrid picking should check out Richard Thompson…

Very nice but does he teach ?

Was just thinking there that on the Captain’s Private Lessons Episode 1 it mentioned that Lee couldn’t do hybrid picking. So wondering if Justin covers it within that series.

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Not as far as I know, but you could probably learn something from that video - several closeups of his picking hand.

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Justin covers some hybrid picking stuff in his ZZ Top - La Grange lesson. I learnt a bit of it there.

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