I Am A Child (Cover)

The great thing about this song and Neil Young in general is that he plays so many different live versions of his songs that sooner or later he’ll probably play them the way you do. :rofl: First released with Buffalo Springfield, this falls into the 2 1/2 minute range bands strived for to get their music played on AM radio back in the’60s. And yes, I remember when it came out.


You inspire me to consider trying to add this one to my repertoire, Gregory.

One of my favourite NY songs which I first heard when introduced to NY through the Decade album.


Love that viewpoint, it gives us all hope!
Super guitar play there Gregory. I’m not familiar with the song so I’m off to check it out.
Well done.

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Hi Gregory,
Liked that chord and what you did so much that I make a notice to practice om my new guitar :clap: :sunglasses:

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Very nice Gregory. Not a song I am familiar with but you had that Neil young sound flowing through your performance.

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New one to me Gregory but I thought you sounded great and I really enjoyed your playing.

Thank you all for your comments. They’re greatly appreciated.

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I’m a big fan of Neil and love this song, and wow, you did a great job with it. If I could offer just one critique… maybe you could lighten up on the downstrokes of your strumming to make for a smoother flow. It looks like there are lots of challenging chord changes and hammer ons/pull offs - but you nailed it!