I am considering a subscription to justinguitar. Does it give access to all modules, all levels? Or is there a fee for each module?

Hello Community,

Let’s start with a brief introduction. I’m a middle-aged Frenchman, living near Paris. I started playing bass in my teenage years, and then started to play a little bit of guitar. Sadly, I have quit for (too) many years, not to say decades, but now I’m back at it! Got myself a classical guitar, then an electric, and now an acoustic (steel strings). And individual weekly lessons with a teacher.
I am seriously considering subscription to justinguitar.com to improve my playing skills.
I am confident the answer to my question is somewhere around here,and I’m pretty sure you guys get this question every now and then, but I couldn’t find a clear answer, so here it is:
Does the subscription give access to all modules, all levels, or is there a fee for each module?

Thank you all.
Happy holidays to everyone!


Welcome, Buzzer! Everything you need to learn to play is available for free on the website. There are additional items available for purchase that are helpful but not absolutely necessary to learn.
Justin shares his time and energy freely maintaining the site but he has to pay the bills like anyone else so purchasing some of the extras is helpful. The choice is yours.
Whatever you decide, stick around and join in the fun!

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The beginners course on the website is free, no subscription required.

That is also true for the majority of other courses, such as the Intermediate course, and other things like the technique and theory lessons.

There is a more in-depth music theory course which has a subscription, or a one-off payment, and a bunch of other, more specific course and resources which are paid-for.

However, I suspect you are thinking of the Justin Guitar Lessons & Songs App, which is an app-based tool which contains the lessons, as well as some other tools including a play-along karaoke-style player for the songs on the courses. It’s entirely optional (although recommended).




Welcome Buzzer! I’m fairly new myself, started using Justin’s courses in March, and I very quickly WANTED to subscribe to the app if for nothing more than to support this wonderful individual teaching us all to become better guitar players and musicians. To piggy-back on Keith’s comment, the app is worth it’s weight in gold and while it is optional, a lot (if not most) of the songs that Justin teaches and refers to in the lessons are on the app and have full band and vocal tracks which makes learning new songs that much more enjoyable. I also like the fact that I can plug my phone into my amp and pretend I’m Clapton’s back-up guitarist. Whatever route you choose, welcome to this fantastic course and community and enjoy the journey!


Thanks a lot guys. Helpful. :metal:

Thanks KD. I’m not much of a nerd. How do you plug your phone into your amp? Requires a specific gear or device?

Hi Buzzer,

You dont need to plug your phone into the amp to use the app. The songs on the app can be followed by just having them on screen. I find the practice sessions useful on the app, as I can focus and it provides good guidance. I usually have my phone propped up on the table or countertop next to me and play the guitar with one headphone in so that I can hear the guitar and follow the app.

Hope this helps.

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Depends on your phone and your amp, but the typical way is to run a cable between the headphone jack of the phone and the aux in jack of your amp. This assumes you have a headphone jack on the phone an aux in jack on the amp, of course.


Thank you @J.W.C . @BuzzerBeater I have a Blackstar Fly 10W practice amp since I live in an apartment and it does come with a 3.5mm audio in and a headphone jack. Certainly not required gear of course, does help me with immersion when learning although I like what @ThirdEvo said about using one headphone out to listen to the guitar. Makes any learning opportunities more evident.


@BuzzerBeater over and above all others have said about free courses on the website, the benefit of the subscription-based app, and other products you can purchase (books or courses), Justin’s approach to his mission (viz Teaching the world to play) is to make his learning available to all who want to learn, irrespective of their financial means ie free with payment voluntary.

So you will find links on the website to make donations, which can be once off or recurring. When I was doing the Beginner Course (now Grade 1 & 2, maybe 3) I set up a regular donation, which was much less than a monthly subscription to one of the other online sources might be but what I could afford.

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Welcome Buzzer.

To the comments already made, I’d like to add that Justin welcomes a donation, either as a one off, or a regular monthly donation. He gives a % of his donations and sales to a fund for people who can’t afford instruments or his products.



Hey Buzzer, I bought the subscription for the beginner song course. Mainly, because I need a financial motivation to practice, I paid for it/don’t waste your money etc… I’m 53 from near Washington DC, life gets in the way. The course reminds me where I am, I don’t have to look around. It’s been almost a year, and I’ll renew for the same course. I’m not done, but I do enjoy the journey
All the best and welcome,