I am having trouble playing this song

Hey, i am new here and started learning guitar about a month ago. So far i have made it to the end of grade 1 module 5 and ill be honest i have done everything according to the practice schedule except the “playing songs” part. Its not that the songs which justin suggested are bad or anything, im just not feeling motivated enough to play them.

I have a few songs in mind which i want to play (mostly jpop, jrock) but i dont know when or how i would be able to play those songs.

This is one of the songs, i REALLY want to learn and be able to play but it looks hard to me and i am not sure if at my level i can play something like this

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I’m had a look at the first 30 seconds or so. No it’s not realistic for someone of your level to play that.

It’s at least an intermediate level song (didn’t check out the rest).


Have you tried filtering the songs on Justin’s site by Grade 1 pieces. Just now there are 112 songs at level 1 - surely something there must interest you?


I struggled with this as well early in. There were only a few songs on the site at my level that motivated me. However there are a few and more importantly, there are songs that are fun to play and help you learn what you need to at your stage.

My recommendation is to pick a few songs that have chords or patterns you like and want to learn and play them even if you don’t particularly care for the song.

Most of the time, I found my historic music listening preferences not an accurate measure of how much fun it is to play a given song.

Just play them anyway, you will learn and you will most likely have fun. That will set you up for the future when you can start to play simplified versions of songs you do like.

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Hi :smiling_face::guitar:. Try Justin Sir’s Minor Pentatonic Module and Funk Guitar Module :100:@Kanishk2802

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I suggest putting on a pot of tea rather then trying to boil the ocean. Stay the course and learn to play the instrument and then you can learn just about anything you want. This is the time to build your skill set and tool kit. Give it some more time and you’ll be able to better understand what is going on with this song. Maybe even break it down a little better.


Brilliant. Wish I’d thought of that one Clint. :smiley:

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Hi Kanishk
I’ve just listened to the video clip you posted. Do you remember back in the day when John McEnroe the tennis player said to the umpire “You cannot be serious”.
You’ve been playing guitar for a month! I’ll say the same thing to you.

Yes, if you practice nothing else but this song ever day for a year you might get it down. But that’s not learning to play guitar as that will be the only song you can play.
Keep this song for a year or two down the line.

Stick in with Justin’s course, learn the basics, make solid foundations and you’ll get there. :smiley:


Hi Kanishk, firstly welcome and good on you for getting through your first month and the 5 modules, seriously well done. I’ve done the same as @jkahn and listened to the first 30 seconds of the song you’ve posted and yep, I’m afraid it’s not realistic, now….there’s a lot of complex stuff in there, fingerstyle, multiple string plucking, soloing, slides, bends etc, I would feel daunted at that now and I’ve been playing a couple of years. BUT, please don’t be disheartened, you really should not be.

It’s what Justin will refer to later in the course as a “dreamer” song for you and it’s a good thing to have, it’s a target and a goal for your journey and your learning. Keep it in your heart and mind as you continue to progress. I get that you may not really fee the suggested songs at this stage, but are there ones you know and at least enjoy to listen to? You don’t have to keep them I. Your repertoire long term at all, but they are stepping stones and the feeling of playing a whole song is terrific and can provide extra motivation when you tick one off and feel you’ve done it. It’s all stepping stones at this point in your journey.

Take pride in what you’ve done, and keep focussed on the goa and you’ll get there. Don’t ignore the dreamer song, try some pieces from time to time but accept it’ll be time to get there. Wish you all the best, stick with it and you will achieve what you want.



Hello Kanishk,

Think of learning songs like learning to pole vault… you’re not going to start with the bar at 12 feet high… you have to start without a bar at all.

Easy songs aren’t always very gratifying but they help to build your skills - the skills you need to have in order to play more complex music. I skipped over learning many songs initially only to end up going back to them later.

Stick with Justin’s syllabus for learning, it won’t take you down the wrong path!



As others have already said, this song is way, way, way too difficult to learn at this stage. File it away as a “dreamer” song, and revisit it periodically as you progress.

Like you, I found most of the suggested songs in the early,lessons underwhelming. For me, the solution was Justin’s Songs and Lessons App. There are literally hundreds of songs in the app that you can play now, or soon will be able to when you have progressed through a couple more modules.

Here’s the first screen full…


Thanks for the input : D, will try to work on basics first and slowly try moving to the harder stuff.