I am looking for the correct scales and modes for Sade's smooth jazzy music

IHi everyone, first time posting, and hopefully, I am posting in the correct category. I love Sade’s smooth jazzing music, and I am starting to learn the guitar and was hoping to obtain the correct scales and modes that create this type of music. Thank you, all.

Hello @Flooroom and welcome to the Community.

If you are just starting then the best and main advice you will receive is to simply work through the brilliant and brilliantly structured learning course that Justin has created and that is free here on the website. Starting at Grade 1.

To be frank, you’re looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Scales and modes may help you understand, analyse and one day improvise over this type of music. The creation of music is not likely to be derived from a scale or a mode but from a lyric, melody or chord progression.
But - that is some way off in the future.
Scales (plural) and modes are not going to figure in your learning for quite some time. Justin does not teach any scales at all until Grade 2 Module 8. And just one scale in just one position at that. All will come in good time. Just follow the programme of study for now.

Sade - that takes me back a whiles … the one and only time I performed live on bass guitar was playing at a university event and I played bass on a rendition of Smooth Operator.

Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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Welcome to the Community, Gord.

Richard has answered your question.

I’ve moved the question to an appropriate category.

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Welcome to the community Gord.
Sound advice given by Richard you need to build a strong foundation and then you can play any style you want but start with the basics and work your way up from there.

Great. Thank you so much, Richard, for your input, and I shall take that course of action. Thank you to the other members for your guidance. I would have liked to have been there Richard to see you play “Smooth Operator” at the University - I am sure that was a joyful memory. Thanks again.