I’d rather be…

Playing guitar! Dang it!


you could throw money at the problem and play guitar instead. Might be the cost of a guitar though…

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First the chores, then the pleasure :innocent: :grin:.

Oh god the chores never end. I am never going to learn guitar now!

Annoying indeed!

That’s the case with me right now. Haven’t touched my guitar in two days :see_no_evil::tired_face:.

Err… that looks like a dishwasher.
Get the kids to wash the dishes and put a big ol’ amplifier in there for aesthetics? :thinking:


Perhaps playing your guitar in the dishwasher isn’t the best idea?

My fretboard was dirty….

New one is all in, super difficult fit, and now my wife doesn’t think it is going to work for us and wants to return it :weary:

She is right it has some issues we didn’t expect (and is pretty cheaply made for a higher end dishwasher) but…:roll_eyes:

Any one need a discount dishwasher? Located in colorado…

I know the feeling all too well. We live on a rural property and rely on tank water for all our water use. Recently the pump started running constantly which means either a faulty regulator on the pump or a leak upstream from the pump.

So instead of playing the guitar I had to resolve it. First fit a shutoff valve in line just after the pump, that proved it’s a leak in the line. Sigh. The water line runs underground before it gets to the house and even there it’s underground for quite some length.

Got lucky, the second place I dug along the house revealed the proximity of the leak and then it was figuring out where to seal that off as I had to work out where the water pipe actually goes into the house. And on it went. Thankfully all that work was exhausting at times and required rests and revives which involves playing the guitar. :smiley:

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I’ll take it if it has reverb.

No, but it makes a “clunk, clunk” sound.

Depending on the tempo that could be good. Can you post a recording please?

Can the speed of the clunk, clunk be varied like a metronome??? :rofl:


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There’s definitely some groove to it.

At least it’s playing rhythm and not lead?

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