I Didn't Realise - Dave Justice

Hi everyone, here’s a song I wrote a while ago. I want to inject some more interest into my music and I know the skills to do that are all on JG. It’s a great place for inspiration, to pull you back when things get tough and make the possible possible. Best to all.


I think that was quite enjoyable to listen to Dave, your playing and singing was decent and your timing was ok.
Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you!

Thanks, Darrell. That’s greatly appreciated. Best, Dave

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That was a great original Dave, nice story in the lyrics and steady playing throughout. I could say you did it justice and you did. :sunglasses:

Good job! Your transition to the bar chords later in the song seemed much smoother. Perhaps because you kept your strumming hand moving more consistently, even if the motion was quite subtle. More so than at the beginning of the song. A minor thing and it did not detract from my enjoyment listening.

Hi Toby, thanks for that mate. Justice has been done! (ha ha). Cheers.

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Hi Robert, thanks mate. I’ve taken note of that. Much appreciated. Best, Dave

Your lyrics and the way you delivered them Dave kept me spellbound. Truth to tell I didn’t notice much more except that you kept playing and some of the chords sent the message even deeper. :sob:

I know my comments aren’t very rational or useful in terms of helpful suggestions, but that’s how your song affects me, so in my book that’s a good thing init?

Hi Batwoman, yes that is very good. Thank you very much. That is very inspiring. Cheers.

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That was great to listen to Dave, great melody and lyrics.
Can’t wait to hear more if you’re willing to share another one!

Thanks, mate. I’ve got a few more so will try to record and upload. Thanks for the encouragement. Best, Dave

Most enjoyable, Dave, bravo

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Look forward to more from you.

If you are not left-handed then have a look at your camera setup and flip the image .

Holy moly! That is really good. So emotional, whoever you wrote it for or about must be so touched.

Thank you, David. Much appreciated. Good point about LH. I Didn’t Realise (ha ha). All the best, Dave

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Well done, Dave. I always love hearing originals. Would love to hear more.

Wonderful stuff Dave and well done on the original song.

Nice playing and singing. Nice story in the lyrics.

Stefan, thank you. My challenge now is to make my playing more interesting and natural. There’s plenty on the JG site to help do this.

Thanks, Jason. I know there’s a long way to go to. I’m pleased because I started from zero about ten years ago not knowing one end of a guitar from the other, full of anxiety and not confident. I’m almost 69 now so I say to all ‘old guys’ stick in there. I am. Cheers.