I done it!

Visited 2 guitar stores today, didnt buy a single guitar!

Shop 1 had a couple nice acoustics but nothing interesting tbj

Shop 2 was another rock shop branch, seemed to have less choice overall

OK was genuinely just browsing but would have bought something I liked… Checked out a Gretch and a Dobro resonator.

The Gretch (metal body) has an odd V shaped neck I’d have to get used too, didnt sound all that different to an acoustic really, spider resonator.

The Dobro (biscuit resonator), better neck, 4-5-6 strings ok - 3 sounded like something was loose. just rattly, didnt sound good at all.

So dunno - not sold on them yet need to find one that connects.

No intersting tele’s etc either :confused:


Good job!!!

Hmmmmm, I feel from your write up Rob, the shops did it for you. :wink:

Congratulations. My daily play and one of my fav guitars is an Epiphone EF-500 which has a V shaped neck. I like the shape so much when I had a custom guitar made just for me, I got them to shape the neck exactly like the Epi.

How dare you!!?? :wink:


Teles are all interesting in their own way. :wink:

I guess so? Don’t even remember a genuine fender one but wasn’t looking that close.

Was some LTD models that looked nice and a gretch 335 style

Best was a spelted maple bass looked gorgeous not sure I’m ready for a bass tho!