I Guess I Just Feel Like by John Mayer Lesson

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Hi, 2 things. On the website chords/tabs for this song is says to put the capo on V but the video shows it on II. Second, YES PLEASE do a lesson on the solos for this song, they are some of my fav JM solos of all time with all that gorgeous fuzz. Thanks,

Thanks for this Justin. Another JM classic, a definite yes to the solos too.

On the D/A chord do you adjust your index finger to get the high string to ring out? Or is it still muted like it is on the A chord minibar grip?

Is it just me or has Justin just been killing it lately in the singing department? I wonder if there is a conscious effort on his part or just naturally do to singing more in general.

Put me in for another that would love a lesson on the solos as well!

Yes please.
We need the solos.
We NEED them. So bad.

Great lesson as usual! YES to the solos please!

Yes please produce a lesson for the guitar lead!!