I had such a good jam session with myself today

I didn’t know really where to post this at. Its not super important or anything, it’s just that today was the very first day that a lot of things just kind of clicked together for me.

Im at that phase between Lesson 1 Module 7 and Lesson 2 Module 1. Where Justin wants us to do a lot of honing in on our problem areas for about a month before we move on.

I felt like I played my absolute best. I’m getting chills writing this because of how still electrically invigorated I feel, it’s like the best of highs.

I picked up the guitar to do my practice today but skipped ahead to the practicing songs portion using the app. It just went so good. Every song I played I strummed correctly I played nearly perfectly. It’s like my brain made all the connections in my sleep or something and I woke up with a bit of unlocked potential. The songs I played were my most favorite but also my most difficult songs

Breaking Benjamin - Breathe
Rise Against - Savior
Black Sabbath - Paranoid.

I decided that I wouldn’t do the rest of my practice today and just kind of let myself ride out this excitement and use it to motivate me to continue. I wanted to go out on top today I didn’t want to tire myself out or do anything that would take away from my feeling.

I really needed a day like today.


Congratulations, what an awesome feeling. There’s really nothing better than being “in the zone” :star_struck: :guitar:

" If you are in the zone, you are happy or excited because you are doing something very skilfully and easily."



Love it Kenneth!! Like with anything we have good days and bad days, and sometimes those good days are purely in the zone awesome days! Lovely to see someone wrote about that because they are so pleasing.

And as Justin teaches us more practice = more awesome days.

Enjoy the glow :metal:

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It’s a great feeling to have. Remember it; when you get frustrated with something in the future, think back to this session and remember how good you’ll feel again!

Jam on!

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That’s fantastic! Well done.

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Great post Ken. That’s what its all about mate. And the great thing is you’re going to have many more days like this as you move forward. :grinning:

Cheers, Shane

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Congratulations, and thanks for sharing this good vibes with us :sunglasses:. Moments like this keep us motivated, keep on playing and have a lot of fun!

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Hah!!! Want to know the best thing about that?

It doesn’t stop. Never does. I’m a few years into playing guitar with ups and downs, but the ups are still the ups like you described them.
The dopamine hits never cease to errupt when you “get it right”. That’s your brain telling you “there’s a good boy. Here’s a present, enjoy!.”

And yes, after practice, when you allow yourself a few minutes time (call it a cool down without distractions, no fb, instagram, nothing at all, you just sit still for a few minutes) your brain takes the new info and plays it backwards all over again. During your sleep, it plays it again, but this time forward. (this info i got from a podcast, @JustinGuitar was going on about on yt. Pretty amazing stuff).

So keep at it. You’re on the right track!!

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