I have been encountering some good sounding chord sequences during practice

Hey everyone… just a short background, started learning around jan 1st and currently in consolidation of grade 1 and 2 (2 months in).

I have been encountering some good sounding (at least to my ear) chord sequences during practicing and utilise them to work on my technique and practicing strumming along with a metronome. I think I should start the next lessons of the course to keep the tempo going as I was feeling very uninspired the last couple weeks.

Anyways, an example from last night - A Em G D 3rd fret capo.m4a
This was just A Em G and D with a capo on fret 3.

Q1 Who else does this :smiley: ??
Q2 When will I get to a level where I can add in notes/chords into it to make sequences like these. “complete”… I don’t know if I am making any sense. I can just about sense what kind of sound could go in to give the sequence a beginning and an end but do not know how to logically get it out :expressionless:

As I was writing this I just got the idea of trying to add in a solo through my electric taking notes from the chords!! I’ll post back on how successful or unsuccessful I was soon I guess :sweat_smile:

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


Hi Prabhat,

Welcome to the Community :slight_smile: That’s very impressive after such a short time of playing. I also do this kind of thing. I remember when I stumbled on the Amaj7 → C change and it sounded very good but in need of some more progression towards something.

As for when you will get to the level of knowing which chord to continue with to keep sounding good… you will need a lot of practice and probably some level of music theory as well, at least a little familiarity with patterns of chord progression and diatonic chord (i.e. chords that belong to a given key).

For the recording you posted, why don’t you try continuing with Dm, C and Am and see if it fits in with the rest?

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Thank you @Jozsef ! I think yes that’s what I need to do. Work has been really tough the last couple weeks but I will have to find the time. I will also try putting the chords you mentioned in there and see how it goes. :slight_smile:

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