I have created a demo album and would be interested in your thoughts?

my demo album below

let me know what you guys think of it

Why? :thinking:


Did you use Justin’s method to create all 20 tracks?


Hey guys, I have made a video on dice songwriting inspired from this video… do check it out and let’s roll to write songs within minutes!

No, i have come across this method recently… these 20 tracks were written long back.

How does your debut album relate to the dice song writing lesson? Did you use a similar method?

Welcome to the community @xiicenturyblood. You should pop over here and introduce yourself. It would be really nice to know a little bit about your musical background, your learning experience with Justin Guitar and your future goals.


Hello Priya and welcome to the JustinGuitar Community.

As moderator, I would like to invite you to read the general etiquette and rules here: Community Etiquette and Rules

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It relates to songwriting in general, that’s why I put here as a motivation to write songs!

Sorry Priya I think Richard is being very kind in his response. This feels like just click bait to drive people to listen to your material on YouTube. If I’m wrong then I apologise but generally posting links to videos is for people who are relatively active members of the community and to demonstrate their skills that they’ve learned as part of the JG process.

You joined in October, not been active at all on the forum other than to post a link to your material. That feels to me like it breaches the guidelines Richard.


I’m sorry if it breached any guideline. I was not aware. I was just trying to fit in the community here. Songwriting is very dear to me and I found Dice Songwriting very interesting among all other lessons that Justin has presented. That is why I posted in this forum. I’m sorry if it appears like a click bait. I did not mean that.

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Will check it out later today Priya :grin: in meantime, write a little introduction post about yourself and your guitar journey. It happens from time to time that some people just puts out Utube material for clickbait without any contribution in the forum… thats why most of us became a little sceptical on youre post… but hey… Welcome to the forum Priya, nice seeing you :grin:

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Hey everyone, I’m Priya from India and I have been playing guitar since 8 years on and off. I have been following Justin’s Youtube tutorials since years but I have recently come to know about his structured courses on his website which I feel is very helpful for anyone’s guitar journey. I have restarted learning from beginner modules and these have been game changer for me. I have been learning alot of new things and I’m very grateful for his free lessons. Happy to be a part of this family. Thanks.


Hi Priya,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun…

Thank you for introducing yourself.

The link I post above will let more people see who you are if you post your introduction there…
feel free to take some time to find out how things work here and as previously stated above…ask if you don’t understand or can find something, lots of helpful people here…more than you can imagine i guess :smiley: :sunglasses:


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Hi Priya.
Had a listen through your songs. To me they sounded good. Nicely produced and cool vocal👍
That said. I would find it much easier to give you some kind of feedback if you recorded yourself with the guitar :grin:

I dont have the skills to give you any feedback on anything that is so polished and finished product like yours.
Then it would be me giving you a «review» on your music and i dont want to do that. That is up to the music journalists to do :grin:
You clearly have skills, would love to see an actual recording of yourself playing…

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