I Hung my Head - Johnny Cash (open mic rehearsal)

Recorded this just prior to the Open Mic on Saturday. Actually was pretty happy with this. Decided to go super lo-fi with just the iPhone recording, as I haven’t been very happy with the sound of my guitar’s sound plugged directly in lately. So forgive the low quality.



No excuse :exclamation: Sounds great :exclamation:Bravo :exclamation:

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Hi Tosh,
You are forgiven …by saying forgive me because it was super :sunglasses: :clap:

Edit:I correct myself … above is Beep … compared to the new version :grin:, the new version really sounds a lot better, but please leave it above this is a super nice comparison :sunglasses: :clap:

Terrific performance on Saturday Tosh. I love your JC stuff, you’re so good at it.

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A warm up I suspect to a “Boy named Sue”? LOL
Just had to get that one in.

Nothing better than seeing your CASH inlay guitar working its craft at your fingertips doing Cash! Nice job on this one and a good listen.

Thanks and take good care,

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New version here with proper mic recording. So much better quality IMO


Thanks, Gordon!

Hi Josh, good job in both versions.

Great job on that song. Your guitar looks a lot like mine. I see it is that Johnny Cash Martin. I was considering it and bought a similar Martin. I love the sound. Thanks for sharing the video.


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I loved listening to this song on Saturday, and I loved listening to it today. Such relaxed playing, and your voice suits this song perfectly :smiley:.

Yep, I had to get it when I saw they came out with a JC signature. It does appear to be the same as their other black Martin. I also have a Martin 000-X2E, which I also like. Would love a higher end one eventually :slight_smile:

Really good stuff Tosh. You nailed all three of them. Amazing to hear the difference in sound quality between take one and take two.

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Thanks for the kind words, Stefan. And my thought exactly regarding the sound quality. I guess I’ll reserve the phone recordings for back porch playing :joy:

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Every now and again I watch a video, go to write a comment but then get pulled away from the PC… that happened the other day after watching your video, Tosh.

I thought your performance here was great Tosh. Great song, well played and sung. Loved it. The guitar sound is better in your new version here than in the OM - must be a different setup.

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Thank you very much! Interesting that you thought the guitar sound was better here than in the open mic. I’m not sure what would have been different. Essentially the same comment. Appreciate the comment!

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Definitely a great song which you performed so well, especially like the one recorded using condenser mic, awesome!