I just (re-)started my YT channel after 6 years of not playing!

Hey people of the community,

I started playing guitar in 2009 with the early Justin videos and learned everything as an autodidact thanks to him. I used to play a lot but gave guitar up completely when I started my PhD in 2016. Then, ever since I got a “normal job” in 2021, I have been thinking of getting back into it, and I have now finally got around to doing it! I absolutely love the feeling of getting lost in the music and letting go of everything else. It was such a loss to give this up for so many years.

Anyway, I’m starting again from easier things to build my abilities back up. I am happy to realise, though, that now that I am a bit older (33) I am naturally more interested in consciously paying attention to tone, so I am actively trying to replicate the sound I hear in original recordings.

Here are the first two videos I uploaded to YT tonight. There will be a lot of RHCP in my channel, especially to start off with. Both because they are my favourite band and because many of JF’s parts are around the perfect levels of difficulty for me to rebuild my playing.

Let me know what you think!

Much love, P

Californication solo:

Right on Time:


Sounds great! You can tell you have it nailed because you can’t hear the original guitar underneath yours.

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Hello @paolopitari welcome to the community and welcome back to the guitar you so clearly love.
Great way to introduce yourself!

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Thanks Twistor. There are actually no guitars underneath mine, I used backing tracks to make sure my guitar was the only one you can hear. It’s great when backing tracks are available on YT cause then you can really hear how your playing sounds. I find that when the original guitar is underneath it always tends to cover the mistakes one makes.

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Thank you Richard, I’m happy to become part of the community too. Coming back to the guitar for me also means coming back to Justin :slight_smile:

Sounds great man, good rhythm & groove and nice tone as well!

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Hello Paolo and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

That is some really excellent playing. RHCP are great. Glad to read you have found your guitar groove again.

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Thanks guys I look forward to recording and posting more!

Welcome to the Community, Paolo. Clearly the re-building is well underway. Both clips pretty impressive and well above my play-grade to offer any specifics to support ongoing improvement.

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Hi Paolo, welcome. Not a RHCP expert but it sounds good to me. Good you were able to get the guitar back into your life.

Impressive clips and welcome!

Hope to see and hear more from you as an active member of this community; too bad you only read one topic next to this one and you have been here only 5 minutes since you created an account; don’t be a stranger just promoting his channel! :stuck_out_tongue:


I obviously was not doing that since I made one post with links to my channel, in two weeks. The 5 minutes are the only ones I spent in an online forum in the past 10 years, fyi, so they do not imply anything. I think your post was uncalled for, and that’s not a good way to moderate. It’s only natural that what moved me to sign up was my renewed passion for playing, and sharing videos is a way to keep myself going. That I shared them doesn’t mean I plan to be a stranger and “promote” my channel. I know what being member of a forum means.

Glad to hear that.

Also glad to see that my provocation actually found its recipient as you must be the first in a list of countless people who fit the exact activity profile that actually come back to a thread that looks exactly like this. Active members, seeing a thread like this appear for the n-th time, would have read the tongue-in-cheeck so I understand the sarcasm lands differently for you.

I’ll leave in the middle what you think of my moderation; Feel free to consult what I’ve been doing here the last 15y. Don’t take it personally as as my welcome is genuine and me being impressed by the clips is just as genuine.

Hope life grants you a way to keep guitaring this time; it would obviously be a waste of skill and love!

When I said “not a good way to moderate” I was not referring to your overall work, of course, as even for a completely new member like me it is immediately clear that you are a long-standing and well-respected member of the community. I was referring only to that message , which I obviously did take personally. I also understand why you were worried that that was what I was doing, given how frequent I imagine that is. I appreciate your response so all good on my side, thanks!



Fortunately it is reasonably rare but we had a few on the old forum, less these days. The problem is they all look very similar to your post, which not doubt why LDV passed comment. Glad to hear that is not the case and so welcome ! I look forward to you sharing you music and experiences. I am sure you could help many here with advice.