I know everything - Zack Bryan cover

Hi everyone.
Quite new song. Out this year. Original this is a duet.
Easy 3 chords song again!! :rofl: its a one take, so there is a wrong chord in there, som lousy Fs and so on… not sure what tuning this have, but i played it a half step down from standard.


Hi Trond,

That bloody lousy F`s :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:… such a shame now there was nothing to like :sob:

Or maybe actually errr… if you hadn’t mentioned it I wouldn’t have looked at it either and I would have just been stuck in the mood of the song and wouldn’t have noticed it :roll_eyes:

Wonderful playing and will definitely listen to it again later today. :grin:… :sunglasses: :clap:… and what wonderful way to sing the loud piece (short o so short piece) :scream: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: and I was waiting for more of those actions… keeping my fingers crossed for next time… man o man if you use that voice of yours and opened loudly in a controlled manner then :star_struck: :boom: :dizzy:



Super playing and vocal there Trind. I don’t know the song or artist but I enjoyed your version.
The dynamics you put into the guitar work and the vocal really made this a winner. Well done.

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I love the original of that song, and your rendition of it is superb. I can’t comment on your guitar playing because I was just drawn into enjoying the performance. I suppose if there were mistakes in there, it just goes to show what Justin keeps saying about people not noticing so long as you’re keeping the rhythm/groove going. Well done!

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Singing sounded good but even with the volume turned up I struggled to hear the guitar so can’t comment on that.

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I’ve been humming away all afternoon, then had a delayed reaction I was humming your song. That’s a seal of approval becoming my earworm today!

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Thanks Rogier… yep, tried to mix it up with two different chorus styles. Maybe i should have gone for just the first version :grin:
Looking at it again ,those Fs really bugs me :see_no_evil:
As always Rogier, really appreciate youre feedbacks, they are always warming :grin:

Thanks a lot Gordon for watching. He is quite a new artist, and not that known in Europe i guess.

Thanks a lot Ross for watching and your kind comments :grin:
Yep. A pretty cool song that went stright onto my brain the second i heard it :grin:

Yes Trevor. I agree… guitar is too low in the recording. I had this idea that it were supposed to be low, right under the vocal. But i see what you mean :grin: thanks for listening :+1:

@Sound_Bound hehehehe… thanks a lot… pretty funny it stuck with you :grin:


That was superb Trond. I really loved your vocals on this one.
Excellent rendition!

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Excellent, yet again my friend. Soft touch on the guitar, great soulful vocals. Wonderful performance.:clap:
You really do transport the listener somewhere else Trond. A real gift.

All the best.
Cheers Shane

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Oof. So good. Another enchanting one Trond.

It’s so true that “simple” songs played and sang well often outclass complicated ones. I didn’t notice any F issues.

I agree that it was quiet though. I listened on my phone and had to max out the volume and hold it up to my ear to hear it well.

Nice cover.

Zach has many songs that are fairly accessible, and great to sing along with. I’ve really taken to some of his music and have done a few covers of his myself.

I agree with the others, it just needs a bit more volume! Besides that – good job!

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That was really good, Trond. Loved the playing of the guitar and your vocals sounded superb. SO simple but sooooooo good.

Love it - great vibe and feeling.

What is it that is so compelling about your performances, min ven? :thinking:
The pained lament of a tattooed viking in a wooly jumper with intellectual goggles thumb-stumming away as he enters the season of darkness…
Maybe it’s your willingness to give an F (even when it’s messed up :rofl:)
I have a volume knob, so no nits from me :pray:

(Edit: This is not by any chance our very own Zachary Bryan @zjbryan15, is it? :smiley:)


Hi Trond
That was sweet! I don’t know the song but I enjoyed listening to you play it :smiley:
I didn’t notice a wrong chord even after you mentioned it. Very nice vocals too! :sunflower:

Thanks for watching Jared :pray: welcome too the forum by the way :grin:

Thanks for watching Stefan!
Eays tunes is the only thing i can do :rofl:

Appreciate youre feedback Paul! Thanks :pray:

I have no idea Brian… keep it simple-stupid :rofl:
Wooly jumper and intellectual glasses… that is not an coincidence by the way :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thanks for listening Jasmine, really appreciate it… check out the original :grin:


Hi Trond, I echo what has already been said - that was a highly enjoyable rendition :smiling_face:.

And I admire you for being able to play a song with a F barre chord in it (no matter, whether it’s always sounding clear). I’m still struggeling with doing the changes to F fast enough :see_no_evil:.

Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:. This was really beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Thanks a lot Nicole! :pray: Means a lot…

Hamg in there with those F’s Nicole. One day… and suddenly they work…

i actually had a «a-ha» moment just an hour ago…
i had to change out strings on my guitar. I have used 13 strings all the time on this guitar. And i have struggled a fair bit with F and a some other chords as well. it has not been as easy to play as i would like it to be… changed down to 11 strings today, and that was a big big change… it is a lot easier to play this guitar now after the change.
Just as a «heads up» if you have big chunky strings on your guitar :grin:

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Thanks Trond for this tip, but I have already changed to 11 gauge strings :face_with_peeking_eye:.
I just need a fair bit of more practice to make my fingers jump to the right strings quick enough :grin:.

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that is Mega Trond, I enjoyed it a lot!
Big fan of Zach’s latest album here :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: