I Like The New Community Site

Just wanted to throw some positive feedback your way. The new community site is very nice to use, so far. I also just discovered that the site is configured for progressive web app support, which is awesome. Much nicer to use on a mobile device. Kudos.


Agreed, I’m really finding it a joy to use! It’s much more up to date in terms of functionality and ease of use.
Well done to all concerned :+1::+1::+1:

Got to say I’m not a fan. This modern style is on quite a few sites I use and to me, it’s fixing something that isn’t broken. I much prefer clear forum sections instead of a big soup.

The old site was certainly quite tired but there are modern tools which do it in the tried and tested way. Fora have been working fine for about 25 years with various improvements as web tech improves, but still using the same basic architecture.

Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those “you should put the old site back” rants you always get when any forum upgrades, I’ve been around the block and you get people whinging for years about it. Just some feedback - it’s about the people not the software anyway.

Still getting used to the new layout. Not as easy to use as the old site as yet, but that may change as we all get used to the new system. Time will tell but so far it seems a lot brighter than the old site, if not as manageable so far.

This is not a criticism, just my early thoughts.


Yeah, I think there’s an “adjustment period,” but I got comfortable pretty quickly, and I keep finding little things that I like.

  • I like the HTML and Markdown support (as well as BBcode) when posting.
  • I like the “live” preview pane while you’re editing a post.
  • I like the automatic embedding for SoundCloud, YouTube, et cetera.
  • I like the progressive web app support. (For those not familiar with “PWA,” it means the web site is designed and configured such that it can act more like a stand-alone app. If you’re on a mobile device you can “install” it like an app, even though it’s not a native app, and it will run fullscreen without any browser toolbars/menus/etc. It’s technically still just the browser running the web site, but it looks and behaves more like a native app.)
  • I like that when you link to another post the post that you linked to also gets an visual indication that it is the target of the link.

Probably other stuff I’m not thinking of at the moment.