I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight

Hi everyone, I hang out on the on the community regularly, so thought it was about time I plucked up the courage to post a vid. Like many of us here, I’m a returner player having learnt campfire chords years ago, and now very grateful for the opportunity to start again, and am hoping to find a local session or open Mike to play outside of home
Recorded straight and flat via my iPads onboard mike. Lighting by Santa Claus.


Hi Ruairdh. That was a really great version of a BD classic. Super playing and vocal.
My only comment would be forget about the Christmas tree and the wide view of your lounge. Get the iPad/iPhone tight into your guitar/head shoulders. That way your guitar and vocal will have much more punch.
I look forward to more from you.

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Thanks for that, I’m really giving it my best go to improve my playing and performance, and Justin’s been a revelation.
I’m a complete rookie in the filming department. When trying this out , Propping the iPad on the little table, the choice of view view went from a bizarre view of my midriff to the whole room. My feet have never been so big before​:joy::joy:

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Great performance all round, well done.

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Thanks so much!
It’s my ambition to make 2023 the year I really got stuck in to having a good go at doing this properly :+1:

Such a great tune and you really did it justice! Your guitar sounded really good even though just using an ipad, you have a nice one so definitely show it and your skills and set out in the world! All the best

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Really nice cover, guitar and vocals both sounded great.

Hi Ruairdh,
You can play and sing :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: :man_bowing:

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Thanks for the positivity!
I’m really trying to discipline myself to do songs all the way through, learn the words, no stopping or stumbling. Recording myself has been very illuminating in this respect!

Cheers Rogier,
Thanks very much for that encouragement!

Hi Mari
It’s my own arrangement, so thanks very much for the thumbs up.
I want to be able to put together a proper chord melody or middle eight verse in songs (one day…), but boy that’s tough in a single take. I found the next best thing was to do a solo type turnaround intro instead.

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I want to be able to put together chord melody arrangements too. For now I’m working on fingerstyle pieces arranged by someone else!

I’ve been doing that too, it’s really useful when you find a good one, and then taking a few nuggets to use again and recycle
Do share any good ones you stumble on!

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Fabulous, Ruaridh, really enjoyed it.

Lots of great skills on display (playing, singing, and doing both together).

Look forward to more.

Cheers David,
That’s really heartening.
I put off recording anything for so long, and now very glad I made myself do it, because I’m learning a lot from the process - it certainly exposes the weaknesses, but equally its great to watch something back and think Yep, that actually the whole thing was not completely awful after all!

Hi Ruairdh, that was great. Nice lighting my Santa too. :wink:

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Thanks for the kind words Mark!
I’m very encouraged by the feedback :beers:

Fantastic stuff Eccleshall.

Get yourself out there, you’ll do great!

Thanks very much!
Appreciate the encouragement, it’s really helping me get out there!!

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That was really good Ruaridh. Loved both the playing and the vocals. :+1:

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