I’m in low places

So I have set my self a fun little task but come up short quickly.

I’m a punk rocker at heart and my wife and family are from the country. There is a song we all like but I think it needs to be brought up to speed.

The song is:
Garth Brooks - Friends in low places

I want to punk this up and use power chords. The trouble I have is the chord sequence is
G, Gdim7, Am7, D

I have transcribes some songs before and used key changes etc to rock em up, but chucking in some country chords as complex as Gdim7 is beyond me.

Any tips on how I could spice up this chord sequence into something a little more rock?

Cheers all

Good luck Rhys, power chords?

Have fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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Where did you find that particular progression?
I have just looked an half a dozen places and all put it a tone higher using A, Bbdim7, Bm7 and E.

A → A power chord
Bm → B power chord
E → E power chord

Leaving just the tricky Bbdim7
You could play this as a Bb power chord and see if it works for you.
Or, because dim7 chords can be substituted with a dominant 7. In this case Bbdim7 can be replaced with Gb7. And Gb7 can be reduced to a power chord.

So you have two choices.

A power chord → Bb power chord → B power chord → E power chord

A power chord → Gb power chord → B power chord → E power chord


Cheers Richard,

I got it off guitar tabs. After reading your post I went back and had a re-look. Sure enough there at the top of the page under tuning “standard” it has “Capo 2nd fret”.

Big thanks for the then tips on the chord conversion. I’m early days in theory. I’ll start tinkering and let you know how I get on.

I just want to say that @Richard_close2u your help to everyone is truly amazing, you go above and beyond!