I’m in Seville, Spain and have a guitar lesson tomorrow

Browsing online yesterday before leaving for Seville for a long weekend I found an American who has moved to Seville 10 years ago to concentrate on Flamenco guitar full time and offers one off classes as well as courses in Flamenco and Classical guitar. On the off chance I contacted her but her schedule was, unsurprisingly, full.

I am now in Seville and she has just contacted me to say she has a cancellation tomorrow afternoon, would I like the slot? Beyond excited!

I gave wanted to try Classical guitar for a while but I am now torn as I am in the home of Flamenco. What do you all think, a classical or a flamenco lesson? I can follow up with online lessons (or move to Seville for the winter and keep learning :wink:.


Clearly I have chosen the wrong path in life….

Personally, I would consider the classical approach. Unless you want to dedicate yourself to flamenco, classical will be a more versatile foundation from which you could explore flamenco in the future.

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This. You can learn the boring classical stuff at home, do the fun stuff


Yep - fun stuff has my vote

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Guitar is all about fun but whichever you choose enjoy it Kim.


Go for it Kim. Let us know how you get on.

Congrats, have fun!

Classical lessons will give you a foundation which will be useful while approaching flamenco. I probably would do both to find out what is more appealing to me. I started learning flamenco but had to stop as it was pulling me away from contemporary fingerstyle I’m more interested in right now (flamenco it is a very different and specific style).

This is why I suggested the classical lesson. One lesson in flamenco may be fun, but won’t get you very far, unless it is the first of a new direction in guitar.

One lesson in classical will support any play style really.

If you want to see if you like flamenco enough to peruse it, then the flamenco lesson.

Don’t think there’s really a right or wrong choice on whether to go classical or flamenco. Both are a fantastic opportunity to experience the tutors teaching style and see whether it might be an ongoing connection to maintain with online lessons. Enjoy and let us know how you got on!

Thanks everyone. I am back from my lesson (90 minutes) and I now need a new (classical) guitar, I loved it. I decided to stick to classical for the lesson as it’s something I might like to pursue whereas I don’t think I am sufficiently fond of Flamenco to learn it seriously. The teacher taught me three pieces and gave me tabs and then git me to video her playing to remember it afterwards. The finger style technique is a bit different to what I have learnt so far.
As a bonus she gave me some classical guitar beginner’s books she no longer needs as so much of her teaching is now online with PDFs and an excellent looking theory book.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Both!!!

Just read your second message, I’m very glad the lesson went well…I’m studying Classical Guitar as well and I love it with all my heart :heart:

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