I made an app to keep track of my practice routine and I would love to receive your feedback

Hello !
I began playing the guitar two years ago on JustinGuitar. At that time, I was in need of a simple application to help me remember my practice routine. Given my profession as a software developer, I took it upon myself to create one :grinning: .

The app is designed to assist musicians in practicing their instrument regularly by creating a personalised list of exercises with tempo, notes, and pictures. So when you find a good exercise here or somewhere else on the web you can add it to your routine or save it for future use.
If you’re interested in trying out the beta version

Your feedback is highly appreciated, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the app’s functionalities or suggest any ideas for improvement.

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I don’t think this is quite appropriate, I’ll check it out
@Richard_N @LievenDV @DavidP


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Thanks Rogier, we have discussed and allowed it to stand for now.

This is the best thing ever!

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Can you post a screen shot so we can see what it does before joining.:slightly_smiling_face:

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There are a couple of other apps that do similar things. I’m aware of Andante & Modacity (but actually use Justin’s practice assistant).

What if the thing you do doesn’t need a metronome? This was the first blocker I encountered. I wanted to try out the notes on fretboard, but metronome wasn’t needed. Muting it also mutes the timer.

Thanks for the feedback @Pleasedodisturb! You can stop the metronome without stopping the timer by pressing the big stop button at the top of the screen. If the exercise never requires the metronome, you can also uncheck the box “metronome” in the exercise detail screen.

There are a couple of other apps that do similar things. I’m aware of Andante & Modacity (but actually use Justin’s practice assistant).

Andante is more an activity logger, and Modacity is too complicated for me, requires to create an account, is subscription based (for the full version), and only runs on iPhone, not Android. I wanted something more straightforward. Just a simple list of exercises with a metronome and a timer :grinning:

Initial thoughts are that this could be a useful training aid. Setting up a riff practice routine and adding screen shot of riff makes it easy to check riff notes during practice.

A single chime on timer may not be sufficient as it may not be heard over the guitar. I’d prefer a longer duration or a screen tap to switch alarm off.:slightly_smiling_face:

How does this differ from the website?

Thanks for the feedback. I will add a longer sounds for the timer.

Well, it’s an app, running on a phone. I don’t like going to my computer every time I want to practice. So the idea is you go to the website to get ideas for exercises, and you note them in the app.

Any other ideas / missing functionalities / improvements ?

I have made some improvements to the app, including a number of bug fixes and the addition of a new PDF reader. You can still try it with the link mentioned above. I would love to hear more advices/ways to improve it. Thanks all!

Big thanks to everyone who gave it a shot! I received really good advices and bug reporte from you :smiley: :+1: The app has since been published and you can download on the Appstore and Google Playstore. I did not include all the features I wanted, but I will continue to work on it.