I Need A Little Medicine - The Comfortably Strange

Hi All,

This is our latest song - got a little play on BBC Introducing - East Midlands.
I sent this and 16 Candles, and for me Candles is the better tune, but they played this. Not that I’m complaining - any airplay is beyond expectation.

Went for a punky/pop/90s sort of mash up of sound.
Bass/Guitars using Waves GTR.
Drums - Addictive drums

Any feedback welcome.

Time to watch England batter Wales in the WC!
(Dare say Katja will switch from Germany to England if they don’t improve somewhat. :))

All the best,
Digger & Katja

I Need A Little Medicine

Every time I run,
You say, well, see she goes
Truth it never comes
Be mine, my choice is gone
Bleach my little world
Break down the many walls
Leave me now I’m done
I’ll bite down and let it go

All I want’s
A future in a new light
Pull me out
Free me from my old life
Cut a new line
A little less than last time
I want more
A little more inside

Pleasures never learned
I say, well, see she knows
Belief, I’m overcome
Breathe out, my race is run
This version of myself
Is something I can not hide
Leave me with my gun
I’ll bite down and let it fly

I need a little medicine
I need a little medicine
I need a little medicine
I need a little medicine
I need a little medicine
I need a little medicine
I need a little medicine
I need a little medicine

Sinking back
Sea sea
See she goes
Sinking back
Sea sea
See she goes
Sinking back
Sea sea
See she goes
Sinking back
Sea sea
See she goes


Awesome. Garbage vibes again from me. Probably a lot to do with Katjas voice and the quiet/loud dynamics.

Congrats on the radio play. Deserving really! What’s your band name?

Wow incredible guys! You are both rocking it! Big congratulations on getting some air play. Fantastic! :sunglasses:

Awe inspiring.

I can’t believe how far down the ‘latest’ list this has descended in such a short time :open_mouth:

The Beeb know quality when they hear it, although I’m with you, in that I’d be burning the other candle first :laughing:
Throbbing/pulsating beat throughout. Fab tones and mix.
(My only nit was the ‘little’ medicine bit was a bit difficult for these ageing lugs to perceive)

Well, Denmark have been turfed out, so maybe it’s time to truly go native?
Is it coming ‘home’? :rofl:

Hi Brian,

I don’t know about coming home, but it’s been great for insomnia. At times I wonder if the footballers actually realise it’s football and not rugby - every pass seems to go backwards. But I suppose they’re getting the results. I just like to be entertained. It’s been refreshing to see some of the less fancied teams going for it and having some success; Japan, Canada, etc.

“Garbage vibes again from me”. Often when i’ve been writing something I have the same vibe - but I guess you’re talking about the band. :slight_smile:
We use the name “The Comfortably Strange” - but we’re not a giging band or anything. Just me and Katja recording in our homes.

Eddie/Willsie. Thanks for checking out and the kind words.


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Well I’ve just come across this one Stephen. The site moves so fast nowadays that things disappear off the page very quickly.
Super pulsating beat and terrific vocal as always from Katja. Great guitar work and production from yourself too.
Radio play! Wow. Well deserved.
As for the World Cup, at least you guys qualified!:weary:

That was very cool; I liked it. Congratulations on the radio play!

Boy, isn’t that the truth. It’s like sipping from a firehose.

Hey Digger & Katja, this is brilliant! Really love the tone and vibe of the song, the driving beat and gritty guitar and, oh the vocals! LOVE the vocals! :heart_eyes: I can see where @jkahn is coming from re Garbage/Shirley Manson comparison, I get that too. Production is top notch. Very impressive! :metal:
Also congrats on the radio play!!! That’s massive!! Well done! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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You guys are vibin! So cool about the BBC airplay. I’m old, so I’m feeling a bit of a Blondie, Joan Jett thing --but it’s definitely your own sound!

Very cool stuff again Stephen. I loved it.

Congrats on the radio play as well. Very well deserved I say.

I too get a real Garbage vibe from the song.

Hi All,

Thanks for checking out and the kind words.
I’m not that familiar with Garbage, apart from the more obvious songs( Stupid Girl, etc.), but Blondie - love them.
On my wish list to cover is Union City Blue - great song and takes me back to being a nipper.
Joan Jett - again - love the more popular songs from her days with the Runaways and early solo career. Wonder if Katja would be up for a cover of Cherry Bomb…

Thanks again,