I need help to move in the right direction - I can play rhythm guitar but struggle to play lead solos


I’ve been playing guitar for the past 30 years and I’m a pretty good rhythm player…but I become completely flustered when it comes to any lead playing or solos. I understand chords, the basics of music theory, and finger picking, but my mastery of the fretboard isn’t so hot.

Where should I start in the Justin Guitar world?

I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the possible directions, but my goal is to have a much better understanding of scale application, lead playing, and improvisation.

Much obliged for your guidance and I look forward to woodsheddin’ with y’all.


Welcome to the forum Robert
Start with the Rut Buster videos. They are lessons helping
Lee with the some problem you discribed.

Justin lists the lesson he wants Lee to practice to get better at lead guitar. Some of the lesson mentioned in the videos you may need to use the search on the website because the website has gone though an update and some lessons have been moved


Hi Robert, Welcome to the community.
Some of the things you may want are scattered in the various Grade Modules, probably starting in Grade 3. It is easy to go to a Grade (under the Courses heading), scan the Module content and explore things. There is also a Skills section under the Courses heading that probably has topics of interest. There is some intersection between items in the Grade Modules and the Skills sections. It doesn’t seem to matter from which direction you approach it.

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Hello Robert and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I can’t help you with your problem as I am only a beginner but I thought I’d say hello.

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Hi Robert,
Welcome. This site has a search function…in the top right corner…type the word ‘scale’ or the word “solo”…and you’re way closer to what you’re looking for
Have fun,

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Welcome to the Community, Robert.

I’d support @stitch’s suggestion.

You may also find value in Major Scale Maestro 1 | JustinGuitar.com. Justin emphasises making music with scales, not just learning to play them up and down.\

Depending on your musically taste you may also find some value in Essential Blues Lead Guitar | JustinGuitar.com and Blues Solos All Over | JustinGuitar.com.

Another approach is to develop a feel for lead play by learning solos. Justin has some song lessons that may be helpful, such as Need Your Love So Bad [SOLO] by Peter Green | JustinGuitar.com

Look forward to hearing how you go and would love to hear you play. You can post recordings in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing

Hi Robert,

Welcome, I found the Rut Busters to be brilliant just new way of thinking really helpful.


Bienvenidos Roberto…can’t help you with your question but enjoy the knowledge here on JG :slight_smile: