I *needed* a HSS

Just arrived home to find this had been delivered today after letting the moths out of my wallet last week.

The HSS was a glaring gap in my wood collection and will save some swapping between the Fender Player Strat, Epi LP and the Ibanez RG270DX … (who am I kidding I just had GAS pure and simple! :rofl:)

It’s a Harley Benton Fusion-III Roasted FNT and my first purchase from Thomann.
Must say I’m well impressed so far. The neck is so comfortable and all appears to be well set up. Hoping to get some time on it over the weekend.

Just a tele needed now … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


Yeah, and then you’re definitely done


Sweet! Love the finish!

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Tat looks like a gorgeous guitar congrats!

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I’m still fairly novice, so I don’t need any new guitars, as much as I want one. lol. As I get a bit more advanced, I definitely want something with a humbucker. I’ve considered converting my current guitar (Fender Strat) by putting in one of those humbuckers that fits in a single coil slot. Then again, I guess it would be a good reason to just get a whole new guitar. Lol


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Looks sweet Pete ! Happy NGD.

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We share a similar taste in guitars, my friend :smiley:

  • I bought this guitar two years ago in Daphne Blue. It soon became my ‘go to’ guitar and, as I knew it was going to be a ‘keeper’, had no second thoughts about giving her a cosmetic facelift, personalising it with a permanent marker :laughing: Still love it. (Where’s your whammy bar?)
  • I have the Ibanez Gio as well (although that was given to me as a present)
  • … and I’m hoping me tele will arrive next week :open_mouth:

Fun fact: zoom in on the tone control in pic 1 and you can see your strat (?) in the reflection :smiley:

Thanks all for the :heartpulse:
I’d forgotten how much 10’s can hurt the fingers! :sweat_smile: I usually use 9s on the Strat and haven’t spent much time with my LP (10s) for some time.

Not sure I’d go as far as using a permanent marker, but each to their own as they say :laughing:

Not taken the whammy out of the bag yet on this one. Rarely use them and If I fancy a ‘wiggle’ then it’s typically done on the Ibanez. I figure that with its floating bridge I spend more time having to retune it anyway, even from normal use - it may as well be that one I abuse with the whammy (to be fair it holds tune quite well),

Eagle eyes. Well spotted! :face_with_peeking_eye: :clap: :rofl: This one you mean …

It’ll be good to see that when it arrives. We can see if we have as well matched taste in colours, as in guitars. I can never decide what tele looks the nicest :wink:

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Happy NGD Pete. That looks pretty sweet. Glad you are pleased with it and remember, suffering with GAS is not good for you. It will only build up and then you could explode.

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Very nice, I do like a guitar where you can see that it’s made of wood!

When it comes to Tele’s my personal bias is towards the 50s/60s styles that have the controls in horizontal metal bar (this thing has probably got a name but I don’t know it). It seems that went away in the 70s, cost cutting would be my guess, and those Tele models lose one of their unique visual features to my eyes. I’ve got a 60s style Fender Vintera which I like a lot.

As for GAS, it’s only a matter of time until I get another. I’m still very much a beginner so having an acoustic, a SG and a Tele is already kind of excessive, but I’m resisting the urge, for now, to buy something semi-hollow and something pointy/angular for playing metal (I have zero ability where metal is concerned) :joy: