I paid for the APP and now have to pay more for the theory course. Is that right?

I paid $127 CAD 2 days ago for access to the app and now I need to pay more for Music Theory. This doesn’t sound right to me.

Hi Dianna I am sure someone from Justin’s team will have more appropriate respone but long story short app is something completely separate to courses on the website. I dare to say Theory course is a lot more complex and extended and has a lot more value when you get more experienced as a player. If lifetime access seems like a lot I believe Justin allows you to purchase access for 6 months rather than lifetime for a lot less.

Hope this clarifies your issue.

Hi Dianna.
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I have just split and moved your question to a generalised area as it was in a lesson specific section.

I’m not sure as an exact proportion but it is true to say that Justin deliberately and consciously has chosen to make the vast majority of this site fully free for everybody.
Hundreds of lessons on structured courses, hundreds of song lessons, much, much more.
He has a policy and an ethos of donate if you can.
He also does make available for purchase several products - books, merchandise, downloadable resources etc. And he also makes available by subscription various premium courses - just four out of the entire website iirc without looking to check.
He also has available various Apps on subscription.
Nobody ‘has’ to donate and nobody has to buy or subscribe.
That people choose to do so is testament to many things including the quality of the materials. People also do so with good spirit as part of their gratitude for the free access.

All of that said, thank you for your support by subscribing to the App. You do get what is free on the main website - beginner lessons - and you do get a whole lot more. Namely the karaoke play-along with songs aspects that so many people enjoy and benefit from.

The theory course is on a subscription basis also but is not compulsory.
The first three grades (0, 1 & 2) are free trial so you can get a sampler. There are over 140 lessons and it id constantly being added to and updated. You also get two e-books as part of the sub.

If you would rather not pay at this time then that is fine. Do not feel like you must subscribe, that you must learn theory right now.

Does that help?

Cheers :blush:
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Hi Richard, you mentioned about the two e-books being part of the sub, is it for both 6 month and lifetime subscriptions or just the lifetime one?

Hi John, I would have thought that you would be able to download the two e-books are part of either subscription. I would expect that you if you took out a six month subscription you would just lose access to the online lessons once your subscription expired and you chose not to renew it.


Correct, James.

It may also be worth mentioning that the e-books that are being given away free with the subscription of the theory course are the old e-books. I expect that it’s a bit similar to the old beginners course > new beginners course, where Justin has re-thought the course and made considerable improvements. Therefore, I tend to think of the old e-books as complementary to the website lessons, just like I do with the old beginners/intermediate course books that I own. As @Richard_close2u pointed out there is a lot of new and updated content being added to the course. I read somewhere that there were plans to introduce interactive e-books at some point which would be a very useful learning tool. When you think of the cost of the course spread over a lifetime its actually quite reasonable and for me it will probably take a lifetime to work my way through the course on this guitar journey.

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Appreciate your replies and info.

I also think it’s good value, either 6 month subscription or lifetime. It only appears dear if looking at the rest of Justin’s website courses that are free, which of course anything that then incurs a cost is more than previous.

In the past I’ve made donation to the website, so don’t see anything onerous in the pricing for the theory modules.

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I agree. Costs for Justin’s courses are pretty minimal. Inexpensive compared with other courses available. In fact, you could do amazing amounts of course material without paying a thing.

The costs of the app (optional), the music theory (optional) and all the books, track, accessory courses (all optional) and other paid content are reasonable. They add up, but you get so much and can tailor it to your preferences.

Over all, the value is so good, I have purchased several options and made what I feel is a reasonable yearly donation for the value of the course. I will continue to do so as long as I participate with it.


The way I understood it was that Justin doesn’t own the phone app. A company called Musopia owns it and develops it with JustinGuitar. I may be mistaken though.
I did have the app for a month and thought it was awesome and a great value for the price. It made learning songs really easy for me.


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Me too on this one - world class guitar tuition at an amazingly good price. Worth every cent & the extra donation.