I really hate Winter

Ross, as I already said, I truly can understand your frustration and I hope, I didn’t take the wrong words in my previous comment. Freezing and suffering from cold weather is horrible and I can understand, that it’s hard to see others waste ressources and energy, while a lot of people can’t afford to heat their homes. I really hope, that the situation gets better for you, as I already mentioned in my first comment yesterday. :wink:

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No worries Helen, I know what you meant. :slight_smile: We’re hoping to emigrate in mid-January, so hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy the tail-end of Winter for what it is after that. We were hoping to be gone month ago, but… bureaucracy. Need I say more? :roll_eyes:


Where are you off to Ross?

Have you got room for 2 more? I hate this country and hopefully one day we’ll be off to another one too.


We’re going to Romania, my wife’s home country. It has the slower pace of life we’re after, offers more opportunities for working for ourselves, and is a beautiful place perfect for people who love outdoor pursuits like those mentioned in my OP. Similar landmass to the UK yet less than a third of the population, so no more feeling like sardines in a can. And of course, better weather with four defined seasons. Plus many other benefits that suit us personally.

Haha, there are so many people that have asked if they can come, we’d currently need to open a good sized guest house to accommodate them all! :grin:

I know how you feel though as I’ve felt that way for many years. It really surprised my wife when she worriedly and hesitantly dropped the hint that she’d maybe kind of like to move back home one day if I maybe kind of wouldn’t mind trying to live there for at least a while… and I immediately said great, when do we leave?!


Goodness, what a change! :open_mouth:
Do you speak the language/ are you going to learn?
All the best in your preparations and the move itself of course.
You will need a good internet connection to get your daily fix of the Community :laughing:

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You should be fixing skates to your wheelchair in preparation of the impending Elfstedentocht :rofl:

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How nice. Well I hope you love it once you’re out there. Don’t forget your guitar. Four defined seasons sounds great, along with the slower pace of life.

All round to Ross’s then is it? :smiley:

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Hey winter dread-ers you need to go south for the season. If that is not in the cards then keep playing, learning, studying and practicing so you can get a gig on a horrible Mediterranean or Caribbean cruise ship where you will at least be warm.

Anyway, if you started walking in November you’d be in the Riviera now and well on your way to Greece. Even quicker on a bike and maybe you could busk your way.

Musings from the Great White North. :sunglasses:

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Winter isn’t my favourite time of year, especially as I get older and the cold seems to bite further in. But I don’t hate winter. It’s a part of life. The seasons govern the cycle of life and winter is always followed by spring and new life and the cycle starts again.


I wanted to start about it, yesterday the country went completely into skating madness :upside_down_face:, … and also wanted to talk about the Elfstedentocht, but thought who understands that, :joy: … there is already lot of people skating here,…
A few years ago I went looking for irons for my scooter mobile(scootmobiel),…but when I found someone who could help me my wife said VETO, :sob:

(now there are many e-motion with wheelchairs and with people in it,… but I can’t find someone who skates,??? … or a decent Norwegian ysskate, … well, they are now stuck in those wheelchairs probably :roll_eyes:,…

You got to love the winter too people,… :fire:

I’m in the process of learning, because I don’t want to be that typical Brit who expects everyone to know English. I believe you should respect the language and culture of the country you choose to live in, rather than expecting it to adapt to you. It’s slow going, but I’ll get there.

Average broadband speeds in Romania are the third fastest in the world, coming in at over 100% faster than the UK’s average. I think I’ll be ok. :smile:

Haha, once we’re set up over there, anyone from this community will be welcome to drop by. It’s just the two of us so we’ll definitely have at least one spare room. :+1:t2:

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