I resemble this


Some people play golf, I play guitar and it doesn’t cost me $100 to play around with my guitar.


Went to the drag strip a few weeks back… I can’t even imagine what those crazy people spend for a few seconds of extreme thrills… tires alone….

We don’t spend ANYTHING by comparison, right?

That’s my story & I’m sticking to it!!! :grin:



Once the initial outlay of buying the guitar is out of the way ( OK I am not taking GAS into account) it’s a pretty reasonably priced hobby. I have friends who bought fancy cars when they got to my age . I spent $400 on a guitar and I can guarantee that it has given me just as much if not more pleasure. Certainly a better value for money hobby, but hey each to their own.


I did some serious 4x4 driving in my day. I remember going to a gathering with a rock climb that I didn’t participate in. One of the participants ruined the front end of his 4x4. Chatting to him he said it’s not unusual for him to do at least $10k worth of damage to his 4x4 on such outings. Made me very glad I didn’t spend $ to upgrade my 4x4.

The money I’ve spent on guitars has SO very much been worth it. Not so much some of my other hobbies.


I did a lot of more or less extreme mountain biking few years ago. Repairs and maintenance were quite costly but the adrenaline and satisfaction was there. Then one year almost all my bike friends started to have accidents, concussions and broken bones. I myself had a few close calls as well and decided that my time is up.

Does the guitar feels the gap? To certain degree yes but the need of motion still remains. I started running again, it helps heath wise but hardly exciting thing. In the longer run guitars are cheaper to maintain, not necessarily cheaper to buy, they can cost as much as good downhill bike. What is need after switching one hobby to another is the balance, be this running or sword practice I started exploring lately.

In general comparison the guitar always wins, accessibility, can be done in any weather, does not require to dress up, exercises routines and strong will, builds up mental strength. Downside is backpain and all other things associated with long sitting problems, therefore need of active balance.

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Yeah, I hear you. One of my other hobbies is flying RC planes and drones. The nice thing about the guitar is I can play regardless of the weather. Whereas with RC if there’s much wind or rain about, it’s a no go.


@brianlarsen might disagree with that one! :joy:


RC sounds great, always wanted to own a flying model but it never materialised. Guitar is weather proof (apart from humidity that is :sweat_smile:).

What I mean for practicing at home :sweat_smile:. I do try to look decent when I record YT videos.

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All hobbies, if you start to properly delve into them, become £££$$$ very quickly! I’m like Radek, mountain biking is my other keen hobby, but admittedly on that I don’t do the spends on it that I used to as frankly I don’t need latest and greatest kit.

That being said, I already know about 4 guitars I would like to add to my collection :rofl:

Guitar seems expensive, until you really realise it’s not compared to other hobbies. Unless you get a pedal addiction or something.

I used to do amateur motorsport (time attack) - I’m sure my annual guitar spend is less than what I spent on tyres and ethanol each year!

Don’t drink and drive, kids!




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@tony how many guitars are in the collection? A general thought -Is there an accepted number to own before someone is considered suffering from GAS?

I know what people mean about the cost of other hobbies, I have a friend who seems to spend a fortune on road cycles.

@RadekSiechowicz could you not go out on your bike but less extreme? Or is it all or nothing. It’s a great feeling to get out off road, I like to when I get the chance but not too challenging routes.

This train already left, I sold my enduro bike and all the gear. Now I feel that trail bike is something that I would be happy with but knowing the costs and required time I have to pass. I’d rather continue saving and get another premium guitar which will increase it’s value over time. Mountain bikes are destined to be destroyed from the very beginning.

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I currently own 6, have had 16 in all over the years. 2 of my current ones I rarely play, a cheap classic / nylon string guitar and an electric bass.

I have friends who either have or have had 18 to well over 20 guitars at one time.

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