I saw her standing there

During Covid lockdown, My daughter was home from college, So …
I recorded this while she was here - I played John and george guitar parts and we shared in the vocals.


That was rocking good fun! Nice guitar work too :slightly_smiling_face:

Love this! Amazing job. This makes me want to learn this song.

I’ve recorded multiple Beatles songs.Justin is awesome and have and will continue to supporte him . However, for Beatles nobody is better than Mike Pachelli. His work on youtube is incredible.

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Thanks. Learning anything by John Lennon will make you a better guitar player. he was truly a great Rhythm guitarist

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Man haven’t heard this song in forever, but when I first discovered the Beatles for myself when I was a teenager this was the song that got me hooked.

Well played!

Agreed on Mike Pachelli! Currently trying to learn I’ve got a feeling from one of his lessons.

Loved it. Thanks to both of you.

This is GREAT!

That was a real fun version of a great Beatles song. Well done both of you. Super guitar work.

Truly rocking there Bob, terrific work all around :+1:

Nice job!

Well that was a jolly old jape !! Looked and sounded great fun to do. Well done to you both.

Nice guys! As others have said great energy and guitar work!


Looks like you both had a great time recording this and you did a cracking job with it.