I Suck (and I ain't lying)

Two years of playing? The only consequence?


And there you have it. Pure and simple.


:grin: that was fun, Daniel, and you are making good progress. Keep on keeping on

That was really nice, many things to like, I hope you’re happy with yourself for sucking with such style! …and also fun to listen too, you gifted me with a smile this morning…so thanks for sharing it :blush:

That was pretty funny Daniel. Even the G-rated duck.

Hey Daniel -

If music is about entertaining an audience and bringing joy then you absolutely do not suck.

Thanks for sharing


You’re totally right not to give a duck. They make very bad pet presents - a duck is for life, not just for Christmas.


Very enjoyable Daniel, it made me smile, though I think you got a few of the lyrics wrong. :wink: