I think I need an ipad holder :)

Any body using an Ipad holder ?
So many stuff on my desk , a lot of mess I need an iPad holder long leg
I need to attach it to my desk. Does any body use one?

Tom @iguitaryou
This is what I use.
The iPad is not held in place so easy to lift on and off. I find it can be adjusted to an angle suitable for AVOYP when stood on desk.


I use a stand, like this, because I am not at or near a desk. This one holds the tablet and holds a phone, which allows more options. When I was playing more electric guitar, I was using a Positive Grid Riff with Bias Fx2 through the phone and lessons on the tablet.

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Got one of these which is adjustable and a shorter fixed height one by the same company.
Takes phone and tablet and very solidly built.

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Depending on what tables and things you have nearby, one of these gooseneck things might work. Mine is holding a 12.9 iPad Pro when I’m running on my treadmill but it would work equally for guitar practice. The arm can be bent into whatever shape you like

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