I think the question is, what movie program do I need?

So everyone here seems to be able to post a video of themselves playing.
I can do that too, but only with my telephone and I don’t like the audio of my telephone or lack of control I have over the audio.

So, I think I need some kinda movie maker program.
Something that I can put together with the audio recording I’ve made in my waveform12 audio program.

@mathsjunky suggested I should get imoive. But it seems that is for mac. I got windows.

Does anyone have any suggestion as to what is a good video program to get? Preferably a free download.

As of right now, all I can do is audio only to share here. I want to do video too.

I assume that I’m on the right track that I will need to mix audio and video to come up with some kinda quality video to share here.
I like what everyone shares here. I don’t like the quality of the video I shared.

If I’m on the wrong track. Please enlighten me.

Other than that, what do you use to generate video?
I assume I’ll be mixing the video (movie) with my waveform12 audio. Which I think is my goal.

Try either Kdenlive:

Or DaVinci Resolve:

Both are free to use.




Thanks Kieth for the links.
Looks like I’m opening a can of worms that’ll challenge my limited computer skills.
I had no idea that this movie thing was so complex to control.

Looks like I’m in for a serious education.

I appreciate the help with the links Kieth.

@HappyCat I found this to be the easiest to use out of all of them out there. Also free:

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If your PC has a camera (most do, these days) maybe use that? Much simpler, and the quality can be surprisingly good.

Can’t speak for the PC, but on my iPad, the included Photos app allows simple editing, like trimming off dead air sections from the beginning and end of the video.

If you are just doing simple videos to record progress, or to demonstrate some technical difficulty, that’s usually more than adequate.

Thanks @razshaw and @Tburshell

For sure, simple is what I need.

My PC don’t have a camera, so that won’t work.

I have downloaded the DaVinci Resolve.

Man, now I’m really hosed.
A operating manual that’s 4124 pages long!
Oh my. That’s a pretty steep learning curve.
It’ll take me years to figure this out.
We’ll see how long I can hang with this.

All I want to do is not use my telephone audio and do use my daw as the audio source. Together.
Whether I can do that or not I’ve no idea.

I just wanna play my guitar and share a video.
At this rate, I’ll not play my guitar because I’ll be trying to learn how to manipulate a movie program.

I’ll see where this goes.
While I like to learn new things, this seems plain overwhelming. Wish I knew how to operate a computer better, but I don’t.

Thanks for everyone’s efforts in setting me in the right direction.

Spielberg doesn’t seem to have any trouble. :wink:

You can buy a webcam that plugs into usb. That will clip on top of your monitor and might be a workable solution for you. But, yes, I feel your pain. It is really hard these days to find a nice simple solution in computing. Everyone seems to think that giving you 10,000 options is a great idea, then in the update they make it 11,000.

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Fear not, plenty on YouTube that has distilled 4,123 pages into the essentials with an 8min video (or two) … they always miss a page … or two … along the way.

BTW, nothin’ lacking with “telephone audio”, especially when your are plumbing through Zoom or YT.

Like your POV … “I just wanna play my guitar and share a video” … There’s always a trade-off in life … play music, or “fight the pink” with RTFM …both have merit, bud, but pave your own way.

Bon weekend … :sunglasses:


Haven’t found a real step-by-step tutorial for how I do it.

So I made a little video just now for what I found the easiest way (after having struggled with it too):

Hope my ramblings are understandable it still went on for almost 8 minutes, but it’s not that much information.
Tried to do it as step by step as possible, with not too much fluff, but I’m not experienced in doing tutorials so I hope it still helps.



OBS may be an option worth exploring. It is an open-source video recording app for the PC. I assume you record guitar and vocals through an AI (Audio Interface) into waveform12. With OBS you’d be able to source the audio from the AI and using an add-on to OBS continue to use your phone as the camera (explained here).

I like this approach as once the sound setup is done, then there is no need to do any post recording editing. Many people keep the video as it was recorded ie from the moment of pressing record to hitting stop. The next step is to trim the video to make the video start and finish with the performance. You can then add some text up front, usually a song title to start and a thank you to finish. I expect that would be quite easily done in Resolve without needing too much study of the manual or tutorials.


I may consider one of them cams. Just for having it at about the proper height. My telephone seems to fall over and is hard to stabilize on the table.
And yep, everyone seems to think more is better. When many times, less, can be more.

For sure, I do use them videos and they are helpful. I will surely be seeking them out. But I still just wanna play my guitar. :wink:

Oh my! My goodness even. Thank You So much Marcel!
You really went the extra mile for explanation on this. I checked your video out just before I went to bed last night. Very good explanations. I will likely watch a few more times and see if I can start making some moves within the program.
You covered exactly what I needed. I just can’t thank you enough. You’ll be saving me hours of frustration I’m sure.
What ya covered there is just what I want to do.
I can’t thank you enough for taking ‘your’ time to make that excellent, educational video.
Now, we’ll see if I can follow instructions. If I can, I should get me a good sounding video. Short of my playing of course. :wink:


Thank You David.
Yep, that’s exactly how I do my recording. AI to daw.
I had seen the OBS mentioned here before and wondered what was being talked about. Now I know.
I’ll be looking into this too. Thanks for the link.

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Happy if it helps, was a good exercise for me to see if some of my support experience still holds up.

But if the instructions are unclear, don’t hesitate to send me a PM.

Good luck in finding your workflow, so it doesn’t hinder the playing anymore :guitar: :v: