I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys (Acoustic Cover)

Hello everyone!

I performed this song in the Community OM X, but I wanted to give it a proper treatment. I’m still using my dreadful USB condenser MIC but starting to try a DAW. I’m currently using Cakewalk by Bandlab, since it’s free and it already comes with a bunch o preinstalled plugins.

It was very interesting to mess around with, of course, I recorded guitar and vocals in the same track so it’s not a “proper” production, but it felt great to discover a little bit of everything that you need to take into account when producing/mixing.

Mainly used some reverb and slight delay with some compression. As always, tips are welcome.

Next up will be Half The World Away by Oasis, inspired by @Buncey



That was outstanding Kevin. You are a natural performer. Amazing playing and your vocals are excellent. Really really great. Your voice gripped me so I am going back for another listen!

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You have come along way in your Journey Kevin. That was superb vocals and playing. A very confident and professional performance. You should be really proud of yourself.

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Lots to love, Kevin … the playing, singing, audio production, video composition. Ticked all the boxes for me.

Clearly the ‘dreadful USB condensor’ does a better job than you give it credit. Both guitar and voice tones sounded good to me.

I liked your touch with the reverb and delay … gave it some fitting atmosphere and vibe without being over-done. Above my production grade to comment on the compressor use and effect. I can just say, I never noticed any loudness spikes or troughs. And overall loudness of final video was good (-4.6dB on Stats for Nerds, which means uploaded audio was not adjusted by YT, which is a good thing).

The guitar vocal balance was good. So no issues with the single track. Only limitation of that is it any effects applied will effect both voice and guitar. In time you may want the flexibility of a two track recording. Talking about that can be a significant topic in it’s own right, so I shan’t ramble on now, unless you want to talk about it. In which case, happy to do so and share what I have learned.


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@Eddie_09 thanks Eddie, glad you enjoyed it!

@Socio thank you James, I look back to the first videos I posted and I’m very proud of my progress, it’s worth it to go through them to get a grasp of our own musical journeys. And excited to keep going!

@DavidP thanks as always David, I hope you’re feeling great and had a nice recovery after your procedure (I don’t think I told you directly before).
I’m very pleased with how it came out as well, I tried another song but I don’t think the position of the mic was quite alright so not usable I’m afraid, but this has been a great learning experience.
I’m planning on doing a multiple track recording with some original song in the near future so I’ll probably post some questions when that happens. It’ll probably be just acoustic and vox, and I hope this year I finally get an AI and a decent microphone to take things to the next level. For now I’ll try to squeeze the most I can out of this mic :sweat_smile:

Cheers! Thanks for listening

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Another talented performance from Kevin. Nailed it!

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Terrific Kevin. Super playing, super vocal, super production. Nothing to do with guitar but I loved your lighting with the shadow on the wall.
Well done.

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Wow, that was outstanding :open_mouth:. Great playing and fantastic vocals. Simply wonderful :heart_eyes:.

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You are definitely ours Kevin, what a great cover and this version is really showing after last OM you polished it up and made it even better, bravo! You became a very confident performer by now and it’s a pure pleasure to watch you doing what you doing so keep at it and thanks for sharing!

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Insanely good Kevin. Even better than at the OM, which was already really good.

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Flippin’ 'eck! Are you on fire or WHAT? That was amazing - the guitar, the vocal, the effects, ALL of it. A stellar performance there @KevinKevan, can’t WAIT to see what you do with Half the World Away :star_struck:

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Excellent performance, Kevin!
Guitar and vocals - it all sounds very good.
And I also liked the circle of light on the video - everything looks amazing!
Keep on rocking,

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Interesting vocal delivery style you got going on this one… Wow, I have not seen or used Cakewalk in ages, it was pretty good back in the days I dabbled in it too.

You will have a challenge on your hands if you decide to try and mix this in a DAW, “proper”. Your best bet will be DI with the guitar and then to use a tight pattern dynamic mic for the vox. It is a real challenge to try and isolate the tracks from one another.

All the best to you and keep them headed our way!

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Thanks again everyone for taking the time to listen.

@Crystalcz thank you for the kind words Crystal

@sairfingers thank you Gordon, it’s amazing what a cheap light can do haha

@NicoleKKB thanks Nicole, I’m glad you liked it!

@adi_mrok thank you Adrian, I’m pleased with my growing confidence in these recording setups. Next up: becoming more confident playing live, or at least not forgetting the lyrics :sweat_smile:

@jkahn thanks JK, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to make it like this if it wasn’t for the community OM.

@Buncey thanks Liane! I’m working on it, you set the bar too high :sweat_smile:

@crocodile1 Thank you very much Leo, seems like it was worth it to experiment with the effects and the video.

@LBro thanks so much LB, I’ll keep that mixing tip in mind. I haven’t used another DAW but for a noob like me, I found Cakewalk pretty usable from the get go so I’d definitely recommend it.

Thanks again everyone, I wouldn’t have been able to make this production and performance without this community, great advice and words of encouragement at all times.


Hi Kevin,

One of your best vocal performances…but guitar and the whole video are great too :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: :man_bowing:…if you had a bow at the end I called BIS BIS BIS :clap:

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Great delivery Kevin and certainly better production wise than the OM version, which was already up there. Good to see you taking the DAW route and seeing what a few minor tweaks will do for quality, Next step will be to split the Gtr and Vox and record separate tracks. Then you can really go to town on the mixing.

Sounding KK !


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@roger_holland haha thanks Roger, I’m glad you liked it, I don’t know if it was my best but probably the most confident and relaxed.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner much appreciated MadMan! That’s the next step, this already took me a long time to make and it was very simple so it’ll be a challenge to do separate tracks, but nothing worth it comes easy.


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Kevin that was a superb cover. Loved the playing and the singing. You seem to have come such a long way in a short time.

I’m also getting a real Wes Scantlin vibe from you in this song. Brilliant!

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@SgtColon thank you Stefan, it does seem to get easier to learn and play song over time.

I hope you don’t mean this vibe… :sweat_smile: (a famously hated by the internet cover, I don’t think is thaat bad but the facial expressions kill me)

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Kevin, that was a really good performance no matter how you slice it. The guitar and vox worked well on one track and both sounded good to me.
Welcome to the world of production. You’ll have a lot of fun with It. But beware; you can get so involved with it, your focus on learning guitar can suffer. I speak from experience, and that’s why I now keep production to an absolute minimum.

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