I Will - The Beatles + ...Melody and Fingerstyle Accompainement

Hi Community friends! This month I foccused on playing melodies along with a fingerstyle accompainment backing track…it’s been a bit challenging at the beginning but super fulfilling!
I actually studied and recorded the second clip first (an old favourite of mine!) as a “homework” for my Classical Guitar studies and I knew the melody already …then I checked Justin’s lesson on how to play melodies on guitar and I got inspired to work something by ear by myself. I remembered I transcribed I Will’s first 2 verses a while ago and since it’s such a lovely tune I went for it and completed the transcribing of the melody by ear. Please note that I haven’t transcribed straight from the original, but since I had transposed it to the Key of G I transcribed from how I was able to sing it in that key…I guess not all the notes are correct!

The aspects I’m very happy with:

  • my ear and connection with the instrument as well as my internal time-feeling seem to being developing well
  • I was able to work out some dynamics in the fingerpicking patterns, especially I like that little movement in I Will’s D7s
  • the Dshape Eb chord… @Richard_close2u I chose this shape eventually, but since I couldn’t get to the root note on beat 1 I didn’t pick it and tried my best to keep time and I could pick it on beat 3 and on the following bars! :sweat_smile:

There are also aspects I’m not happy with, like my fretting hand on chords and a lot of unnecessary noise, especially on chord changes etc…

Thanks in advance to all who will listen!


Very beautiful Silvia :clap: :clap:

I love your version of this song. This song was played at my wedding right before I walked down the aisle, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. I really enjoyed this. :heart:

You should also be really proud of both your rhythm and transcribing skills! Classical guitar is very much out of my wheelhouse :laughing: :laughing: so I can’t really comment on any technique related stuff, but I can tell you’ve put a lot of work in on this song and it shows! Beautiful job :clap:

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I Will and Killing Me Softly are two of my favourite songs so it’s a big thumbs up from me!
Extra kudos for transcribing things yourself and for the innovative idea of multitracking using an extra phone. Great idea. :+1:
Really nicely played, I enjoyed that.

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That was just lovely, Silvia! :slight_smile: :clap:

From the song title itself I had no clue, which Beatles tune it was, but got it right after you started. So very recognizable. :+1:
Your transcribing skills are really well developed, so the efforts pay of nicely. So you have all reason to be happy with that. :smiley:

Melodies were played so well. I was kind of mesmerized by both your renditions and even more by the joy with which you were playing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

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That was clean and most enjoyable Silvia. You make the guitar sing sweet, then somber. I listened to “I Will” twice just to watch the classical technique, and to see the well-earned smiles you had captured by the camera when you glided through a few difficult transitions and runs.

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Very enjoyable, wonderfully musical performances of two great songs. Super coordination of the two tracks in each song.


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Really nice Sylvia, I loved the setup with the phone and watching both parts in Killing Me Softly had me somewhat mesmerised :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Lovely delicate picking really quite calming and relaxing. really enjoyed it and :clap: :clap: for the work that must have gone into these :+1:

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I also can make no comment about classical technique, but I loved your rendition of Killing Me Softly. It’s always great to see your videos and your joy when playing :star_struck:

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Needless to say that I can’t give any input on what you can improve. So I will just say this:

Silvia, è stato cosi bello :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet: What a fine ear you have! How beautifully gently you played both of the songs. Took me a moment to realize that you were duetting with yourself… at some point I just thought “wait that’s Silvia’s hand”. What a brilliant idea​:bulb:

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Hi Silvia,

I love that you share your progress even if not 100% perfect. You are sounding amazing thus far

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Hi Silvia ,
A lot to see, a lot to stare at a lot (well 2 :smile: )songs and I like everything :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap: :bouquet: :bouquet:

Well the only “problem” is that you are killing me sof~ put in my face another song that now has been added and the way you play it makes me want to do that so so much… but then I really have to do something about my time management :roll_eyes:

Thanks I loved watching :smiley: :man_bowing:


Buon giorno, Silvia,
Congratulations, not once, but twice! (or four times if we’re counting the accompanying phone videos) :smiley:
You have chosen a lesser trodden path in our wonderful community and it suits you well. You are killing it softly. One day you might fancy delving into the tech side of how to upload the second recording so we have a full spit-screen with both parts, the main advantage being better sound quality of the accompaniment. Still, hats off to your fun solution.
Forza! :muscle: :wink:

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The smile says so much.
Bravo Silvia. Bravo.
Music maketh happiness.

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Wow Silvia, that was so beautiful. Such relaxed, joyful playing. I love to see how you smile while playing - how do you do that, I just pull a derp guitar face.

You have such an ear for melody and your classical playing is going so well. Loved it.

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That was beautiful Silvia and what I love about it most (apart from the outstanding playing) is that you are smiling and having fun. That’s what it’s all about!

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Beautiful playing Sylvia :two_hearts:

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That was lovely Silvia, I really enjoyed it. I also love transcribing simple (that is max I can do) melodies. It is one of my favorite guitar activities. There is something incredibly satisfying once you manage to figure it out. :slight_smile: Well done!

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That was a real fun listen SILVA!

Very good work you’ve got going on there.

I really liked that you looked like you were really getting into the music. Excellent.
‘I Will’ is a very pretty song imho and you covered it very well. It comes across real good when you do the melody on the guitar to your chord backing track.

As for that string noise. It can be hard to get rid of. I hear it in my playing also and it is a real challenge to get them strings to be quite on some chord changes. Best I can tell, it’s about getting your fingers off the strings for the change and still being able to make a clean change. Challenging for sure.

Thanks for sharing!

Oh, I Will is a song in I’m hip to too. Though I try to sing it while I play it on the guitar, which then makes it so that my version leaves much to be desired.
I like your version better. Good idea doing the vocals (melody) on the guitar.
Think I’ll play me some Beatles this morning… :wink:

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Silva, this is gorgeous! You played so beautifully - amazing arrangement - and with such grace and warmth. One hundred per cent I’m now going to have to go away and work out how to do this song myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

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@sairfingers @JokuMuu @HappyCat @Eddie_09 @CD02 @mfeeney0110

Thank you all dearly, I must confess I’m feeling most overwhelmed by all your positive feedback :gift_heart: You’re all so supportive and motivating for me to keep on going…what is music meant to be then if one can’t share it?

:joy: Gordon you must be kidding me…as Nicole @JokuMuu would say the level of video production here in the Community has reached such levels that I thought a good idea to bring it down…Nicole that was really such a bad joke and it still keeps me laughing!

Thank you! This is such a great exercise to do to develop our skills and even it is very challenging at the beginning then there’s a moment when you eventually find yourself in the flow of music and it’s so magical :heart_eyes:
I’m going to check the video you posted asap! :blush:

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