I Wish You Love (jazz standard)

It has been a loooooong summer. Lots has happened - life and all that jazz (pun intended).

Here’s a tune I’ve been playing for a minute - just sharing the love with everyone.

I truly hope everyone is doing great on here. My new job has me busy - but it’s better than the alternative I suppose. I mean to catch up soon with everything on here - life is just so chaotic. Keep rockin’ all! :slight_smile:


Loved it.
Beautiful guitar work and your voice was so right for the song.

Hey Robert, that was fantastic as always. Nothing like a lovely jazz number to start the week.

I’ve been missing your jazz stuff Robert. That was terrific as always. I’m glad your new job is keeping you busy. The day goes in faster that way! :smiley:


Wonderful as always Robert. I love your sound, so summery and relaxed.

Been away myself, Robert, and playing catchup. Another wonderful performance, your’s are always such a treat. Thanks for sharing.

Excellent Roy, thanks for sharing.

Your so amazing that was wonderful! I always look forward to your videos because I love listening to you! :smiley:

Man! You sound great! The finger picking, the chord choices with those chromatic passing tones, your voice is right in the style and right in tune. Guys like you are motivating, inspirational for beginners like me. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you all so very much. Keep the music flowing, everyone!