I would like to learn an acoustic version of Burning Bridges from Kelly's Heroes

Just finished watching my all time favorite movie for the one millionth plus one time, Kelly’s heroes. I want to know if there is any acoustic for this song.

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Hi Craig and a very belated welcome (I just nipped over and read your intro- so sorry for your loss, but so happy you found the guitar)
I watched this on the big screen with my granddad when it came out and still love it. I remember looking up the chords on Ultimate Guitar a couple of years ago but being put off because it involved barre chords.
It has a very pleasant 1/2 note rise with every set of verse/chorus.
Just give it a go with simple chord strumming. I definitely will :smiley:

The bad news of course, is that you’ve probably woken our resident ‘Oddball’ in France @TheMadman_tobyjenner and who knows what drivel will ensue… :roll_eyes:


No advice so I’ll keep it short.

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Have at it: BURNING BRIDGES - KELLYS HEROES THEME CHORDS by Misc Soundtrack @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
This needs some work. The chords are not aligned with the lyrics. I would probably drop half the chords and transpose it as well.

EDIT: You might be better off converting this version to a MP3 and then running it through Riffstation:
Burning Bridges Cover

EDIT2: Better yet, as the chords are right there for all to see: Another cover


Hi Craig I hope you don’t mind me ‘bombing’ your thread, but it was a fun exercise for me and you did ask :laughing:
There’s a better UG page than the one @CT shared, as it tells you where the chords are placed.
(I don’t think you can really cut out any of those chords, Clint)
It’s easiest to learn it playing barre with chords only, as there are three verses and choruses, but each verse is played one fret higher (i.e. you only have to learn one barre chord sequence and then shift it up a fret at the next verse.)
I did this with the suggested chords, but if I was doing it again, I’d start with a barre chord with the root on the 6th string as I’m more comfortable with that.
Hope this helps :grinning:
(If barre chords are beyond you, probably best to stick to a version that doesn’t rise with each verse, like the second one Clint suggested)


Works for me Brian. :+1:

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@brianlarsen rose to the challenge and slayed it! Well done sir.


Any excuse to perform Brian. :grin:



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Hi everyone,
Sorry it’s taken a bit to reply but I’m heavily into the books studying at the moment after moving to a new airport and going through the whole revalidating process. (At 61 the brain is taking some time to spool back up).
Thanks for all the input, it’s given me plenty to think about and try out (when I get some time).

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No worries, mate :smiley:
As you can see, we’ve taken your initial post and have been using it for our own entertainment/educational purposes :rofl:

Some of us are beyond revalidation, which is why we spend so much time hanging around here…

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Wow, aren’t we dating ourselves? Digging on the theme song for a movie released 43 years ago. I love that song, and just slowly strummed through it; going to stretch my rookie barre chord skills for sure. After this, are we moving on to Suicide is Painless and M.A.S.H. quips?

I was thinking “As Time Goes By” next (from my all time favourite movie).