Icmp and Justin

Is Justin affiliated to icmp elevate , I have a Facebook offer for blues course and Justin is featured

Yes he is!

Yes, it’s a legitimate offering.



Allthough I enrolled in this course a while ago, I’ve only just found the time to incorporate it into my practice routine.

I’ve been thinking of using my learning log to journal my learnings from this course. Since Justin effectively wrote the courses and presented the lead guitar course do you think it would be an issue if I posted my learninga including any tabs that reinforce my learnings?

On a side note I think Justin should post the same video he did on using a looper for practicing blues licks as that was top class.

I don’t see any issue in that, James.

WRT tabs: not sure exactly what the tabs would be of. I’d say anything you compose yourself is certainly fine, and assume you’d not post tabs that are direct from the course.

Looking at the course I think Justin may cover similar ground in https://www.justinguitar.com/modules/blues-licks

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