ICMP Elevate Justin?

According to my Facebook feed this morning, the above company are selling a blues course featuring Justin for £30. Is this legit?

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I don’t know the company, but they’re offering two JG Blues courses. I think it’s legit, since there’s a reference to ICMP on the JG website. Looks like Justin knows one of their teachers.

So take a read of this poem, take on board what you will, and then check out the counter argument from my good friend Pete Cunnah (a very fine songwriter and teacher at ICMP).

Justin is affiliated to ICMP in more than one ways. As part of his network but also as institute where he was a teacher himself.

So rest assured, it is legit :wink:


Justin… Blues… rest assured I’ll enrol in them as a supplementary courses :wink:

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Worth a gander at the website but I wonder if there is any overlap with the Blues courses on the main JG website? Maybe @larynejg or @JustinGuitar can shed some light. Certainly looks interesting and I mean is there a limit to how many Blues course you can have :rofl:

Is it not a similar formula to that for number of guitars you should have?


I taught at ICMP (when it was The Guitar Institute, and my great mate and workshop co-teacher Pete Whittard is the business development director! I did these courses when they were exploring online education… they don’t overlap a lot with my other courses, but there will be some I guess. They were fun! :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying Justin ! :+1:

Oh, a response from @JustinGuitar .

Did someone ping him…?






Does that mean you will be joining me in enrolling?

Oh stop it :slight_smile: like I’m never here… lol.


Can hardly say no having “pinged” the man can I !! Will definitely take a more detailed look later but yep most likely. One of my irons will be pulled from the fire soon, so I guess a replacement won’t harm. So much to do so little time. :rofl:

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I ended up watching the first module on my commute home. So far I think they blended quite well with what I have learned so far and gave me somethings to think about as I look to develop some blues rhythm chops.

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@Socio Who is the main teacher in the videos? Justin or the guy doing the introduction video ?


So far the guy doing the introduction video for the rhythm course has done the lessons for the first rhythm module. You have to complete each lesson before you can watch the next lesson.

The blues style course has been written by Justin and the first video of that course is presented by Justin. I’ve not started watching the lessons for that course.

@Socio Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Don’t worry. It was primarily supposed to be a joke, albeit one that I suspect hardly anyone understood.

For reference, in computer networks, including the Internet, there is a commonly used diagnostic tool called Ping which is enabled by the protocol ICMP.

Feel free to ignore me…




We did. :wink: