Identify this older tele shaped guitar?

Someone gave this to me with no backstory. Someone gave it to them and never used it.
I’m trying to figure out if it is some kind of kit guitar or a brand name.
I initially thought Schecter because of the “S” inlay but I’m not sure.
the pickup says “select” which I think belongs to EMG guitar parts.
Let me know if you have any ideas.


The bridge is indeed an EMG Select, the chrome ring on the neck seems like a factory touch to me so it might not be a kit. I take you haven’t found a serial number on it.
Maybe a peek at the cavities or popping the neck off will provide some more clues.

The headstock rings no bell
The S either
My first idea this is a partscaster, especially after seeing that bridge, EMG and neck pickup trim combination

you could try to unscrew the neck to search for clues but it might be hard to set up right again if you screw it back on yourself