Identifying unread posts

:+1: the line that shows activity since your last visit

:-1: I think the unread posts are shown in a bold font. But on my PC in Chrome, the difference between normal and bold is subtle (or maybe it is my eyes).

:question: can the system be setup to change font colour on unread posts in the Latest view of posts.

Can you post a screenshot?

I use “latest” to check activity and it shows topics with new posts in bold and the ones where I saw the the new posts as gray:

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I do the same, Lieven. What I am saying is the distinction between the bold and the grey could be more extreme. I do see it, as you do, and was just wondering if it could be made even more obvious, like changing the font colour.

That said, I don’t think I have seen an option here to change font colour?

This requires manual CSS alterations in every theme.
I can’t give this a high priority, there is functionality right now


I activated the “unread” button.
I think that solves your issue as well?

Now we’ll have to review whether we keep 'm both or not… (latest and unread)


That will be handy, thought it was already working (in the hamburger)?.

Does the Unread “button” only appear in the hamburger menu. I only see Categories, Latest and Top on the high level menu and if you expand them, no Unread option in the next tier down. Can you confirm in case we need to give directions in future.



Thanks for the feedback, Lieven. Not an issue that would warrant CSS alterations. I’d say not even worth putting on the backlog at any priority.

Thanks to Toby’s post I did find Unread on the Hamburger Menu. I clicked it and it displayed no posts even though I have some Unread at the moment. And that seems to be correct based on the criteria that are used to determine Unread:

By default, topics are considered unread and will show unread counts 1 if you:

  • Created the topic
  • Replied to the topic
  • Read the topic for more than 4 minutes

Funnily enough since posting this in the first place, I’d say the bold vs grey seems more obvious, maybe the ambient light or something was just not right or something else on the day I posted that lead to it being a little indistinct.

It may be worth keeping this Topic live to wrap up on the Unread button, otherwise I suggest archive it (move along folks, nothing to see here :grin: ).

exactly; we should evaluate those two versus eachother now (or keep 'm both)

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Something to add to the mix. I was seeing entries in the Hamburger Unread before.

Now I see 2 New topics, which I have not read but Unread returns nothing currently unread. It was previously in sync. Weird.

When I logged in today the new posts had a big blue dot to the
right and the unread had a small blue dot. But I think it’s always
been like that.
I just used the latest button on the home page.