Identifying what is being played

Hi to All,

I am practicing through jamming with this tune and not sure of what is being played at two particular sections. The tune is in the key of G with G7, C7 and D7 being played in a straight 4/4 rhythm at approx 120bpm.

The two parts I cannot identify what chord is being played or how the player is approaching the chords are at 0:35 where it seems he is sliding maybe to the chord? and at 1:07 onwards.

Would appreciate if you can check this tune and let me know your thoughts.

Yyou can access the tune from the following link: Jam in G


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Hello Emann and welcome to the community.
The link you supplied is not accessible without permission.

thanks to point that out…I adjusted the link below for access…I hope it now works!

Jam in G

Welcome, @emann.aquilina !

The first part play the 3rd fret on the D G B strings only then hammer-on to the 4th fret G string. This is a G7 triad so you going from a Gm (333) to G7 (343)
The second part he’s sliding up two frets strumming DUD then sliding back.
I’m at work without a guitar so this may not be exactly what’s being played but with these tips you should be able to figure it out.

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great stitch…i can make some sense out of this…if you would have some time with guitar in hand I would be grateful if you can confirm your thoughts.