If I can use electric guitar effects on an acoustic with an aux in it

Hi, I was wondering if I could use electric guitar effects (either through a computer or pedals) on an acoustic guitar with an 6.35mm jack in it?

No reason why not, assuming it has a pickup. No different to plugging it into a modelling amp. Hey but I am no expert. :sunglasses:

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Chorus peddle sound really nice on an acoustic.


You certainly can!

But note that feedback will be an issue (unless you use headphones) - so it’s a good way to learn how to mute open strings.


This is AMAZING!! Thank you!
I was wondering what some good basic pedals would be. By the way how do you set up the pedals and speakers and stuff? Can you get apps on computers that act as pedals for a guitar?

       Thanks so much for responding! Spunky 13 over and out:)

Thanks for responding! I really appreciate it.

Spunky 13, Sianara (im not spanish:)

Yes, but it depends on what device you have.

Here’s my experience with iOS devices…

Hi again,
Do you know of a video explaining modelling amps and what they do and how they work?

Thanks, See you - Spunky13

This may get you started. He explains Modelling amps around the 14 minute mark but worth watching the first part to see what they are based on.

If you want an idea of the kind of thing you can get with a modelling amp try the ITB demo of a Fender Mustang IIIv2 (I have one but been pretty much using my Line 6 POD Go since I bought it). Its been superseded now by Fender but it covers the kind of thing you would get.

Hope that helps.


I use electric guitar effects with my acoustic-electric guitars all the time. Note that you will need an audio interface or amp with a USB connection in order to plug into your computer.

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