If you play it they will come

I had to steal a line from the classic “field of dreams” movie and put a music spin on the quote.

Yesterday I was out near a local park for the US Independence day holiday with a group of friends. I always bring the guitar just in case I get bored or have a chance to practice. When the conversations started running dry I pulled out my guitar and just started playing random songs I have tried over time. I am thinking to myself boy do I sound awful and need some work. I have been trying to have a handful of songs I can play from memory like Justin taught and finally now have at least a few. I am looking down the whole time and when I finally look up there are people walking by stopping to listen and interested. My wife tells me it was more than a few and I just didn’t notice I was the center of attention. So play in public when you can and people will appreciate the music lol.

The moral of the story is I guess I didn’t sound that bad after all to their ears. Give myself some credit and with practice anyone can get better and better. I was kinda stuck in a rut and feeling like I have not learned anything or improved much in months. I guess we are always our own worst critic. Hope to post a video of something new very soon.

Take Care



Great story Jeff, if you’re enjoying it and others are too, what’s not to like?

We get so obsessed with playing perfectly it’s easy to miss the point of it all.


When we continually look forward to see how much further it is to go, we lose sight of how far we have come. :sunglasses:


People really enjoy music! And dont hold you to as high standards as you’d likely hold yourself

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That’s a great story man, and a nice confidence booster. Dig it!

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Good on ya. I don’t think I’ll ever have the courage to play in front of people. I’m convinced that I’ll never be any good and that it’s just a pastime for me. I’ll keep playing, just for myself.

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Nice one Jeff. A very feel good story.

It’s a bit like our kids getting older, you don’t notice them growing because they are with you all the time.

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That’s awesome Jeff, never has the adage of being hardest on ourselves been more true than demonstrated there. Why do we think that everyone else is a musical guru!!?

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great point. practice makes permanent not perfect. Even professionals may stumble during shows

excellent quote direct from “the madman” love it

right we fail to see the obvious that someone from the outside can see.

great point Rob.

Had one of my Zen moments. :pray:

It’s funny I saw that movie for the first time just a few days ago. I had never heard of the film before then.
That just sounds like an amazing expirience for a guitar player. Really inspiring

In my very limited expirience, it has always seemed that when I try to do something that I am bad at in front of poeple (not playing guitar, specifically) it is always fine as long as I openly express that I know I am bad at it.